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In the runup to this year’s holiday shopping season, Firework and American Express are joining forces to help small businesses make the most out of the most important time of the year for retailers. As part of its continued Shop Smallmovement, American Express has teamed up with Firework to help small businesses leverage the power of video commerce to better connect and engage with consumers this holiday season.

To kick off this collaboration, American Express will introduce a selection of Amex branded content to the Firework Creation Cloud — a dynamic, easy-to-use platform that gives brands of any size the tools, technologies, and resources they need to create compelling, professional-grade video commerce content quickly, intuitively, and at scale. With American Express’s pre-designed Shop Small templates, merchants will gain an invaluable shortcut to stellar styling and design, which will allow even the smallest of merchants to create outstanding video commerce content at scale and in time for the all-important holiday shopping season. 

Embracing the Holiday Spirit by Supporting Small Businesses and Uplifting Communities

American Express began its Shop Small movement back in 2010, in the immediate wake of the Great Recession, with the company’s creation of Small Business Saturday® — a consumer holiday held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving that encourages consumers to shop with small businesses. Since then, the movement has expanded well beyond the annual holiday in November to become a year-round initiative that brings together shoppers, business owners, and civic leaders to support small businesses and help their communities thrive. 

“Small businesses are the cornerstones of our economy and the engines that sustain our communities,” said Eva Wang, Head of Commerce and Partnerships at Firework. “And in light of today’s economic uncertainty, it’s vitally important that we do what we can to help bolster and enable these businesses. By making these video commerce assets available to the small business community on the Firework platform, we hope to help them connect with their customer base and drive meaningful engagement, all while furthering the Shop Small message during this holiday season.”

Leveraging Next-Generation Technology to Sustain Traditional Enterprise

Over the years, American Express has continued to look for new and innovative ways to help its small business customers connect and engage with consumers. By contributing American Express branded assets to the Firework Creation Cloud, American Express is giving Shop Small merchants the opportunity to up-level their digital marketing strategies with some of e-commerce’s  cutting-edge trends and technologies — ultimately using innovation to empower and help preserve traditional, main street businesses.

“Supporting local businesses is a core focus at American Express and led to the creation of Small Business Saturday in 2010,” said Kate Kirk, VP of Merchant Marketing at American Express. “Through this partnership with Firework, we are eager to provide merchants using Firework’s Creation Cloud, with Shop Small content and animated GIFs to help reach customers through digital storytelling this holiday season.”

A Closer Look at the Firework Creation Cloud

Firework Creation Cloud provides brands the comprehensive ability to create video commerce content in a robust, easy-to-use and dynamic platform. Users can access pre-designed cloud-based templates, which enable teams to produce professional quality video commerce content easily and efficiently, regardless of past video editing skills or experience. 

How do we manage to flatten the learning curve? Firework Creation Cloud includes a variety of sophisticated artificial intelligence tools that help to automate complex and time-consuming tasks, and even generate fresh content. Some of the Firework Creation Cloud capabilities include: 

  • Comprehensive collection of video editing tools – gives teams all the control they need to create engaging, impactful videos efficiently and effectively, including vertical videos.
  • AI-enabled automation capabilities — which allow businesses to scale their video commerce initiatives efficiently, regardless of the company’s size or resources.
  • Mass video creation — one of our AI-enabled tools, which can take a single video and turn it into thousands of unique and organic videos to fill your content pipeline and keep audiences engaged with fresh content.
  • Automated video conversion tool — Convert long-form, horizontal video content into short-form, vertical video, allowing you to repurpose content for cross-device optimized viewing, and ensuring audiences are viewing the right format from whatever their preferred device and network may be.
  • And plenty more — Take a closer look at our Creation Cloud capabilities here.

Supporting Small Businesses This Holiday Season

For the millions of small businesses out there gearing up for the holiday shopping season, bringing some of Amex’s Shop Small mission to the Firework Creation Cloud is exciting news. Small businesses can realize a resource-light way to break into the exciting world of video commerce, and deliver the video content digital consumers demand from experiences online.

Try out Firework Creation Cloud for free trial this holiday season.

For existing Firework Creation Cloud customers, you can now create video content featuring American Express Shop Small assets. To learn more, please see the tutorial here.

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