How To Create A Powerful Short-Video Strategy For Business


For communication, short-form video is a powerful engagement medium. It can make or break your brand’s growth strategy and growth initiatives. Short videos are great for capturing customer attention. According to Statista, consumers globally are spending up to 53 mins daily on short-form video consumption! 

short video strategy consumption trends for short videos

  • According to Cisco, video is all set for world ‘screen-time’ domination – by 2022, online videos will make up over 82% of all consumer internet traffic. 
  • By 2022, 40% of all videos on social media will be short-form, and 80% of mobile data traffic in North America will power short-video consumption. 
  • According to an Adweek survey, 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% watch them every day. Consumers want to see more video content this year, according to 54% of respondents. And when it comes to marketing, Hubspot says 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or company they like.

Video can be a great approach to interact with consumers and develop more satisfying and lasting relationships with prospects. 

Why does your E-commerce brand’s website need short-form video content? 

The short-form video format pushes the boundaries of traditional media and gives consumers a convenient, fun, and immersive way to consume content. Traditional e-commerce is devoid of immersive experiences. 

The standard photo + text-based layout of E-Commerce has turned online shopping into a dull experience. Consumers enjoy the excitement of swipeable short videos that offer quick gratification and hold attention for far longer than a regular video.

An E-Commerce website example with short-video carousel, powered by Firework

Short-form shoppable videos foster a feeling of community by encouraging customers to try new things together, share findings, and participate in global trends and contests. 

There are endless possibilities of how companies may participate in today’s lifestyle trends and dialogues. Brands need to shift their focus to creating short-form videos for their websites rather than only focusing on social media and short-form video platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Instead, when executed well, branded initiatives in the form of short videos on your website present a new medium for reaching consumers in previously impossible ways.

Here are some critical statistics to demonstrate the importance of short videos in your website content strategy:

  • Videos are shared twice as much as any other type of material.
  • 84% of respondents tend to acquire a product or service based on the brand’s video.
  • Gen Z spends over 3 hours per day viewing online videos, according to 71% of the generation.
  • If a company video is under a minute long, 68% of people will see it.
  • Consumers prefer video to text marketing by 72%.
  • 66% of video advertising is under 30 seconds long.
  • 93% of marketers have successfully acquired a consumer through social media videos.
  • UGC (User-Generated Content) videos and photos are the content that consumers most desire to see from companies, according to 56% of consumers.
  • On social media, video content delivers the highest return, according to 63% of marketers.

How can you use short-form videos for e-commerce?

1. Community Engagement via Challenges 

Viral material focused on dances, melodies, and sounds was how short-form videos gained popularity.

Brand challenges are an excellent method to boost traffic, create community, and engage your target audience.

Colgate sponsored the #MakeMomSmile initiative to commemorate Mother’s Day, encouraging users globally to post videos of themselves doing something unique for their mothers. It’s also a good pun, as Colgate is all about giving clients beautiful grins.

2. Product Showcase   

A product showcase video typically lasts for anything from 6–60 seconds, which is also the average duration of a short-form video.

As a result, marketers can use short-form video channels to promote their products organically. It doesn’t require a significant budget either. Since it develops curiosity and intrigue around your brand, it may be strikingly effective and may go viral.

The Dyson Airblade Tap is a revolutionary tap hand dryer that lets you wash and dry your hands in seconds. Dyson describes the challenge that airports confront regarding the number of people who need to use toilets and how the Airblade Tap can help reduce hand towel wastage.

Dyson’s product video includes consumer experiences from consumers who explain its practicality and benefits, effectively giving a complete summary of the product’s essential qualities and understand why people buy it, demonstrating how the product appears in use and context.

3. Explainer Videos 

Educational videos provide significant additional value by assisting viewers in their regular activities. Brands that put education first in their marketing strategy can get more sales opportunities and gain customer loyalty. On the other hand, explainer films help people in the decision-making phase of the purchasing journey and, when done correctly, can transform decision-makers into users.

One of the most problematic aspects of having candles is probably making them last. Soy Yo Candle created this short-form video to create an explainer video to solve this issue. The brand highlighted a problem, proposed a solution, and marketed its product in only a few seconds. That’s all there is to it.

Another DTC brand Nuts Pick uses short videos to showcase the product and explain how to use the product effectively. 

4. Shoppable Videos 

As the popularity of shoppable content on the website grows, brands will have more opportunities to increase traffic and revenue through these channels.

You may make a personalized shoppable video that showcases your products if you have an e-commerce website that concentrates on physical products. For instance, Ted Baker has built an interactive video experience in which they sell seasonal products that buyers can shop from with ease.

The ‘Shop The Film’ button informs customers that the video is interactive right away.

There are also clear calls to action (CTAs) for each piece, directing users to the product page and allowing them to add the items they wish to their shopping cart.

Visitors to the website now enjoy a more straightforward purchasing process to quickly locate the things that pique their interest.

Apart from this, product demos, snackable video, video commerce, and e-commerce video are what a brand should include in its video marketing strategy. 

DTC beauty brand Sugar Cosmetics uses Firework-powered short-form shoppable videos to generate massive engagement and conversions by simplifying product showcase and creating an excellent integrated shopping experience.

5. Convert Text Content into Short-Form Videos 

For digital publishers, short videos are a powerful tool to improve website engagement, driving up time spent on the site and improving ad inventory serving per session. With short, swipeable videos optimized for mobile, consumers are incentivited well for entertainment. Website visitors spend more time on digital publishing platforms watching video-based content that condenses long-form into snackable content.

Canada’s top digital publisher upgraded their online publishing experience with Firework by integrating short videos on their site, and recorded a massive 281% increase in time spent on site.

How to choose the right short video platform for your brand?

The right video platform would:

  • Allow you to convert horizontal to vertical videos.
  • Import videos from YouTube and Instagram.
  • Enable you to change and add text, overlays, and annotations to your images.
  • Help you create high-quality video content at scale.
  • Be easy to use with multi-user access for large teams. 
  • Provide enterprise-grade data security and compliance.
  • Allow you to access a large content library with pre-made, ready to use short video content
  • Give you the ability to integrate shopping as an option to the short-video content with product embeds

Fireworks, the world’s leading immersive ‘shoppertainment’ platform, offers all the above features for short videos and makes it enterprise-ready. To learn more, please schedule a call with our solutions architect. 

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