New: Envision Web Stories on your website with Layout Studio


Imagine you’re buying a new house. Before filling it up with furniture you’ll need to plan and arrange how it all fits in your new home. Designing a layout would allow you to picture all of your things in one space and how they fit together.

Why can’t you do the same thing with your website? 

“Paint and new flooring are simple refreshers. But it’s not worth it to update all the kitchen cabinets if it’s still the same bad layout.”

-Jonathan Scott

Companies of all sizes are using Web Stories with Firework to increase their session length, decrease their bounce rate, and achieve other goals, but the main question they had when signing up was how these interactive videos would look on their website. We then would individually mock up how it would appear, causing both our team and theirs to schedule time to meet (Alexa, add my 100th Zoom call of the day to calendar). 

Layout Studio clears up this bump in the road. It’s our new tool that all customers can use to envision how Web Stories will look on their website. Within Layout Studio you can browse our top recommended arrangements or customize your own- the choice is yours. The best part? Layout Studio is available on both our Free and Pro plans nestled inside of your Business Portal. 

To access Layout Studio log-in to your Firework Business Portal. Then, click the Layout Studio button that appears above your video content. After launching, you will be able to choose from a variety of website types as well as goals, such as increase session length. Browse the templates and play around with the different layout combinations on the right side of the screen. You can even select and see how the videos from your playlists would look in different embed layouts. New types of websites will be updated frequently, so keep checking back to see what’s new!

Ready to see for yourself how Web Stories can give your website a major upgrade? Try our new Layout Studio now.

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