Shoppable Videos: Converting Consumers with Content



The e-commerce industry has become an increasingly digital space as consumers spend more time browsing online and less in traditional brick and mortar storefronts. The newest addition to this space are shoppable videos, an interactive and seamless journey taking consumers from awareness to purchase all in one place.


What is a Shoppable Video?

Shoppable videos are engaging video experiences that allow users to purchase products directly within the video. Instead of being forced to navigate to another website or search for the product, consumers can make their purchases almost immediately. 


Shoppable videos have provided an e-commerce solution to a generation of consumers demanding instant gratification. This content completely simplifies the sales process and breaks down the walled gardens that e-commerce brands typically are gated by. Not only do shoppable videos benefit consumers by allowing them to efficiently enjoy entertaining content and a shopping experience, but they also are beneficial to a number of brand metrics.

shoppable video demonstration


What the Numbers Show

Implementing shoppable video ads and content into your marketing strategy is a key opportunity to accelerate your customer journey and ensure they get to the check-out as quickly as possible. In addition to creating a more seamless customer experience, shoppable videos can increase your engagement, conversions, and competitive edge in the market.


  • Increase Engagement 

Simply put, if an opportunity to engage is presented, most people will take it. Shoppable videos create a seamless viewing experience with the engageable option to shop the products you put into action. These videos with the addition of the shoppable experience are more engaging than a standard video, which is much more engaging than static content. Engagement may sound like a frivolous metric to worry about, but it matters, as engaged customers spend twice as much as those who are not engaged. For more ways to increase your user engagement read our blog covering it.


  • Escalate Conversion Rates

In addition to increasing the engagement from your customers, shoppable videos drive conversions upwards. Think of a time you were shopping online for an important event and wished you could try a blouse or suit on, or just see it on another person in vivid motion, instead of viewing it flat and lifeless on a hanger. Your audience is having the same experience. Shoppable videos are the perfect opportunity to bring your products to life digitally, with 76% of consumers say they’ve purchased a product or service after watching a video.


  • Gain a Competitive Edge (lower competition & broader audience reach)

Lastly, shoppable videos will put you ahead of the competition. Many brands are still ignoring the evolution occurring in the e-commerce industry and have yet to embrace the easily engageable videos, preferring the olden ways of reliance on text and static imagery. This is great news for brands who are early adopters to this new trend as it makes them stand out from the rest, all with the simple addition of shoppable videos. 

Shoppable Video Examples

Although there are a large number of brands attempting to ignore the new era of e-commerce, there are quite a few already using and benefiting from shoppable videos. Arnotts, an Irish department store, utilized shoppable video when kicking off their digital cooking show. While watching videos of recipes being prepared, viewers could click on interactive points to reveal the Arnotts cookware being used and head directly to the product page. 


an interactive video featuring a cooking class


Another example of a company using shoppable videos is Ted Baker, a London-based clothing company. They create whimsical shoppable films that feel more like cinematic experiences than product ads with clickable buttons guiding viewers to sho[ the item right then or continue to watch the video. Each of these examples took the user’s shopping experience further by also providing them with the element of entertainment.


an image with shoppable video overlays


Shoppable Video Ads

Shoppable video ads are video advertisements that display products and include interactive elements for users to explore as well as purchase the product. Shoppable video ads enable brands to take their customers through the entire sales funnel in one immersive experience. 


40% of marketers are currently using shoppable videos as e-commerce becomes more and more of a digital experience. In addition to the benefits we’ve already mentioned, shoppable video ads give small businesses an upper hand when it comes to online shopping as it levels out the playing field. No longer must you spend increasingly large amounts of money to get your product in front of customers, but rather create a quick video to do so.


How to Make a Shoppable Video

Creating a shoppable video is no hard feat, especially if you already have experience creating videos for your business or products. When creating your shoppable videos ensure they have interactive touchpoints, clear shots of your featured product, and clear call to actions to help your audience shop for the product displayed. 


Step 1: 

Clearly communicate to the viewer that your video is interactive. This can either be through on-screen text, a voiceover, or an example of how to take action with your video’s interactive elements. 

Step 2: 

Visually demonstrate your product in a way that will dazzle your viewers. Your products are the star of the show here! Ensure their uses are clearly demonstrated and any exciting features are highlighted. 

Step 3: 

Display clear calls to action. As the goal of shoppable videos is to easily allow your viewers to purchase directly from your videos, show them how. Insert links to shop in clear places for the viewer to click and browse.

Step 4: 

Give your viewers time to interact. When you insert shots of your product with interactive overlays, ensure your video lingers on a long shot of the product, allowing your view to interact without feeling as if they’re missing anything by not paying attention to the action in the video.

Step 5: 

Lastly, get creative! Try new and creative ways to display your calls to action or product details. Include brand elements specific to your business that will feel familiar to your audience.


Getting Started with Firework

Lastly, now that you’re aware of what shoppable videos are and have more insight on how to create them, what better way to surface them to your audience than placing them directly on your website? By adding your videos onto social media, you aren’t able to control the placement of your videos or who is viewing them. There’s no worse experience than spending hours crafting the perfect video only for it to reach someone completely uninterested in your product, or even worse not being shown due to algorithms. Firework enables you to embed your shoppable videos directly onto your website, ensuring they receive visibility by your interested customers. Try uploading your shoppable videos today by signing up for free on our home page. 

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