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How The Fresh Market Achieved 18.7x Engagement Rates with Shoppable Livestreaming

Firework has been working with specialty food retailer The Fresh Market since 2021, and the two partners have continually collaborated on new ways to place the Fresh Market at the forefront of customer centricity through shoppable and livestream video. 

As the retailer has further optimized its video and livestream experiences, integrating video into every touchpoint of the customer journey, engagement rates, watch time, impressions, conversions, and other key metrics have skyrocketed. 


More-than-doubling conversion rates with Firework shoppable video

Short-form video was the first step in The Fresh Market’s engagement journey, aiming to bring the warm, fun experience of its in-store shopping to its owned digital properties. After embedding Firework short videos on its website, the retailer saw a massive uplift, increasing engagement rates for videos by 113% and session time by 115%. The fully shoppable videos allowed viewers to engage with products and, with a single click, be redirected to the e-commerce site where they can make a purchase.

Launching moment-specific livestreams to amplify interest and sales

Recognizing the power of short-form video, The Fresh Market was eager to further differentiate its online shopping experience and add the excitement of livestream shopping. In just a matter of months, The Fresh Market executed seven shoppable livestream events, anchored around moments and holidays, like its 40th birthday, Thanksgiving, the Holiday season, and Valentine’s Day. With each livestream, The Fresh Market continued to try new formats and optimize, increasing engagement with each live event.

During the Thanksgiving livestream, hosted by celebrity chef Anna Rossi, viewers could shop within the live and on-demand video modules, adding items to cart as chef Anna Rossi introduced them, and even purchasing an entire, ready-made meal kit, including all the necessary ingredients for Chef Rossi’s entire Thanksgiving feast. The livestream attracted more than 7,000 live viewers and more than 700,000 replays, The Fresh Market notched engagement rates at 18.7x industry averages, as well as 6.7x higher click-through rates.

Extending shoppable video across the customer journey

The Fresh Market recognizes that engagement doesn’t happen only in one place. So it envelopes customers across channels and touchpoints, delivering shoppable video not only on its one website, but across social and email, too. With 80 million emails going out a month, The Fresh Market found that the dynamic content was embraced by customers wherever they encountered it.

For the Fresh Market, bringing inspiration and action together has proven a winning formula and has created a better shopping experience for their customers, wherever they are. Says Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Miller:

“Overall, the combined viewership of the first four live streams exceeded 2 million views and we saw conversion rates of the featured special occasion meals at 300% greater than our traditional digital advertising results.”

Congratulations to The Fresh Market for being awarded Best Live Video Strategy by Digiday for their Thanksgiving video commerce campaign.

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