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Digitalizing Retail: Showroom Magic Goes Online

Join us on Nov 30th, as Firework’s video showroom product manager, Matt Harmer and product marketing manager, Jinny Shi discuss Firework is bridging the gap between physical and online shopping with video showrooms. 

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Bring in-store showroom experience online

Since Covid-19 we have seen a rapid shift into ecommerce and online shopping. Leading many brands and retailers to reimagine their online presence to better cater to new shopping behavior. Despite all these new investments we see conversion rates (60% in store vs 3% online) and customer lifetime values (3x higher in store) lag behind the physical store. This brings a challenging question.

How does a brand or retailer ensure the online experience drives the same if not greater business results than traditional brick and mortar?

How can we ensure D2C brands are not at a disadvantage without a physical location?

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The role of physical vs digital stores
  • The key components a digital store should “borrow” from brick and mortar
  • How video showroom can bring elements of physical experience online
  • How video showroom can drive real world use cases and business impacts

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