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In 2023, a staggering 87% of marketers in the auto dealership industry affirmed that video marketing had a significant impact on boosting sales. Yet, despite the evident effectiveness of video commerce, many automotive brands have yet to fully harness its potential to engage customers and drive revenue. Let’s explore the dynamic world of video commerce tailored to auto dealership marketing and discover how it can be a game-changer for brands.

Defining Video Commerce for Auto Dealerships

Video commerce, already a phenomenon in China and rapidly gaining momentum in the U.S., involves the use of digital video content which can promote and sell vehicles online. It empowers automotive brands to offer customers an immersive product experience, transcending the boundaries of physical showrooms. Video commerce can encompass various formats, including live and prerecorded content, serving diverse business objectives.

Live vs. Non-Live Video Shopping

  • Live video shopping, as the name suggests, unfolds in real time. It taps into a burgeoning market of live viewers, as the global livestreaming automotive commerce sector is projected to reach over $247 billion by 2027. Live sessions enable brands to promptly address inquiries, provide vital information, and accelerate the path to purchase. Furthermore, it aligns perfectly with the modern consumer’s yearning for authenticity, a prized quality in an increasingly saturated market. An additional bonus is that live streams remain accessible indefinitely, with AI-driven capabilities allowing customers to seek real-time answers or access supplementary resources.
  • In contrast, non-live video shopping is prerecorded, affording brands full control over their shoppable videos, from production quality to the precise information conveyed. This control is invaluable, as mismanaged live content can backfire. Moreover, it offers customers the convenience of shopping at their own pace, rendering it an effective tool across the entire sales funnel.

Benefits of Video Commerce for Auto Dealerships

As technology evolves, video commerce presents new avenues for growth and engagement in the auto dealership industry. To ensure a future-proof strategy, brands must recognize video commerce as a pivotal element of their e-commerce endeavors, not merely a luxury but a necessity. Let’s delve into why auto dealerships should embrace video:

  • Information Without Overload: Video commerce allows brands to deliver comprehensive information to potential customers without overwhelming them. Often, customers are more inclined to skim through images and videos than delve into lengthy product descriptions. Video commerce provides all the necessary insights in an engaging and accessible manner. Live videos address queries in real time, while recorded videos can serve as evergreen product resources.
  • Building Customer Connections: In recent years, e-commerce has surged, but the personal connection between customers and brands has waned. Video rekindles this connection and fosters engagement. Video commerce takes this a step further, catering to the authenticity-seeking Gen Z, where 92% value being true to oneself. Authenticity in shopping matters to them, and video commerce places brand identity and trust at the forefront. Shoppable videos convey transparency and the ability to offer honest answers when they matter most.
  • Enhanced Browsing Experience: Video commerce transforms the static viewing of images or reading product descriptions into an interactive experience. Customers can witness vehicles in action, gaining a profound understanding of their features and benefits. This consistency between the online and in-person experiences is vital for brand cohesion.
  • Embrace “Phygital”: Video commerce bridges the gap between the physical and digital realms, offering a fusion of tactile exposure to vehicles and the speed and convenience of online shopping. Brands can replicate the in-store experience digitally, fostering deeper connections with customers and increasing sales opportunities.

Diverse Types of Live E-commerce

  • Shoppable videos allow brands to showcase their vehicles while enabling real-time purchases. Users can seamlessly shop as they watch the video, thanks to interactive features such as sidebar queries, product information, reviews, and instant checkout options.
  • Live Q&A sessions: Brands can host live Q&A sessions to answer customer questions and provide personalized advice. This helps build trust and rapport with customers.
  • Vehicle walkarounds: Brands can create video walkarounds of their vehicles to give customers a closer look at the features and benefits. This can be a helpful tool for customers who are still undecided about which vehicle to buy.
  • Testimonials: Brands can feature customer testimonials in their video content to help build trust and credibility. This can be a powerful way to show potential customers that other people are happy with the brand’s products and services.

Key Use Cases of Video Commerce in Auto Dealerships

  • New Vehicle Launch: Employ video commerce to unveil new vehicle models, generating anticipation and excitement. Host livestream shopping events to showcase vehicle features and benefits, creating a buzz among potential buyers.
  • Vehicle Tutorials: Create tutorial videos to guide customers on how to use and interact with various vehicle models. These step-by-step demonstrations enhance customer understanding and confidence in the product.
  • Personalized Interaction: Use livestream videos to engage with customers in real time, answering their questions and offering tailored advice. This humanizes the digital storefront and fosters meaningful connections.
  • Community Building: Leverage video content to build a community of loyal customers. Host live Q&A sessions, product demonstrations, and encourage customers to share their experiences with your vehicles.
  • Shoppable Ads: Utilize video ads to reach potential customers and drive sales. These ads, displayed across a publisher network, can include calls-to-action or links for viewers to make quick purchases.

Video Commerce Best Practices for Auto Dealerships

  • Create high-quality, engaging, and informative videos with excellent lighting and sound.
  • Incorporate shoppable elements like links, calls-to-action, and instant checkout options in your videos.
  • Establish a regular livestream shopping schedule aligned with customer behaviors and brand occasions.
  • Consider using your dealership staff as livestream hosts for authenticity.
  • Simulcast your live videos on social media platforms to expand your audience.
  • Optimize your videos for search with relevant keywords and tags.
  • Continuously refine your video commerce strategy by analyzing performance data.
  • Explore partnerships with micro-influencers or other businesses to broaden your reach and exposure.

How Firework Benefits the Auto Dealership Industry

Firework is a video commerce platform that helps auto dealerships create, host, and distribute high-quality video content that drives sales. Here are some of the ways Firework can benefit this industry:

  • Firework’s platform makes it easy to create shoppable videos with just a few clicks. This can help brands streamline the shopping process and increase conversions.
  • Firework’s platform makes it easy to embed live videos on any website or social media platform. This can help brands gain access to valuable first-party data about viewers and potential customers.
  • Firework’s platform integrates with major social media platforms, making it easy for brands to host live video shopping events. This can help brands reach a wider audience and generate excitement around their products.
  • Firework’s platform offers a variety of features that can help brands create engaging and informative videos, such as generative AI, creative services, and personalized video chat. This can help brands connect with customers on a deeper level and build trust.

Overall, Firework is a powerful video commerce platform that can help auto dealerships reach their target audience, drive sales, and build relationships with customers. If you’re looking to adopt video commerce for your business, Firework is a great option for you!

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