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In-store to online like never before

Say it, show it, sell it, like you would in store.
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People don't convert online like they do in-store. But they could!


Bring the in-store experience online

Connect your digital and physical store experiences with digital showrooms. Reach your customers globally, at any time of the day.

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Take your website to the next level with Virtual Showroom

Turn your website into an always-on global storefront to interact with your online shoppers.
Pre-Recorded Showrooms

Pre-Recorded Showrooms

All digital showrooms can be pre-recorded or hosted in real-time. Designed to increase flexibility and maximize content creation. Host a showroom once, record, and host it live 24/7.

Host Tablet

Interact with shoppers anywhere through the host tablet. Create polls, pin comments and ask questions.
Host Tablet
Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner

Adapt to shopper questions and needs by scanning products directly into the showroom.

Gate Showroom

Create VIP experiences with invite-only showrooms. of exclusive events, sales, or new product drops.
Gate Showroom
Personal Showrooms

Personal Showrooms

Product interest, interaction, details. Gather deeper insights into customers' identities and interests.


Collaborate with other stores and invite guests from around the world.
Turn Showrooms into Videos

Turn Showrooms into Videos

Recorded showrooms can automatically be turned into short, interactive videos.


Meet our AI Co-Pilot: AI driven showroom chat

Leverages our brand safe AI assistant to facilitate real time conversations with shoppers any time of the day. Shoppers can ask questions about the products, services and brands featured in the digital showroom.
Live commerce powered by AI


Maximize your reach and potential

Go live on your website and simulcast to all relevant social channels to reach a wider audience to build connections and communities.
Social Simulcast


Boost product discovery and brand engagement

Firework is the complete video commerce solution to fuel your digital and physical shopping experience.


Conversion Rate

vs 1.9% industry standard
Conversion Rate


Increase In Session Time

over pages not using Firework experience

17 min

Average Watch Time

vs 4 min global retail website viewing time
Return Rate

Explore brands' growth through video commerce

Angela Caglia and Rob Carliner, Founders of Angela Caglia
Angela Caglia and Rob Carliner, Founders of Angela Caglia

Firework leads to 3x conversions on our site.

Kevin Miller, Chief Marketing Officer TFM
Kevin Miller, Chief Marketing Officer, The Fresh Market

Firework videos are performing better than any other media we were using.

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Shoppable Video

Build personalized connections through video.

1:1 Video Chat

Introducing Firework One-Way Video Chat.

AI Creation Studio

Create shoppable videos at scale with AI creation Studio.

Put your commerce in motion

Find out how Firework can power your business forward.
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