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How This Beauty Brand Saw 3x Conversions Through Firework

Celebrity esthetician, Angela Cagelia, was looking to upgrade her brand site. The challenge was redesigning a website from scratch is both time consuming and costly. There was no guarantee of payout. Angela Cagelia decided to partnered with Firework to increase conversion and engagement at a fraction of the website redesign cost.

How Spread The Love Increased Time Spent With Customers By 250%

Spread The Love is a family-owned superfood company. Started with a small jar of homemade peanut butter as a gift to their family and friends. Spread The Love is now sold in US and internationally. Through shoppable videos and livestreams, they turned traffic into engagement and engagement into conversion. 

How Heinz Supercharged Customer Engagement With Firework

Heinz partnered with Firework to promote their first-ever pop-up for Halloween where the theme was having fun with costume creations using “tomato blood” ketchup. The campaign comprised of a live stream event anchored on Heinz’s website and strategic distribution of the event through media placements on publisher sites driving traffic to the experience.

How Audpop is using Video to Better Engage with Customers

AudPop is a global video creative platform that makes it easy for video creatives and businesses to connect and work together to create videos they love. They feature short & snackable versions of their premium content on their website to engage with customers more than ever before. 

Paige Williams

Founder and CEO of Audpop

Foo Tokyo uses Firework to Improve Customer Engagement by 5X

Firework was implemented for the brand website of Foo Tokyo, a lifestyle brand that offers luxury loungewear and skincare products under the concept of "Foo time for people who work hard. Firework has been used to build a stronger relationship between the brand and its customers, such as improving the time spent on the website by utilizing the new product information in the video function.

Masaaki Kuwabara

CEO of Next Branders and Foo Tokyo

How Purple Panchi has given their Website New Life

Purple Panchi is a made-to-order premium ethnic wear label that celebrates the crafts, colors & quirks of India. Their team is using Web Stories with Firework to bring their website new life to match the boldness of their brand.

Sahana Goel

Co-Founder of Purple Panchi

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