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Supercharge your website with video

Take your videos from viewable to shoppable to increase connection, engagement, and conversion.

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Engage your customers and boost sales with Firework’s interactive and shoppable videos.

All-in-one shoppable video platform that will transform your website.
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Shoppable Videos

Enhance your website with shoppable content. Showcase your UGC, creator, and review videos. Your website can be just as engaging as your social. 

Interactive Videos

Build an immersive experience.  Take your shoppers through an interactive video experience to increase engagement, product discovery, and build loyalty. 

InteractiveVideo_Personalized videos

Personalized Videos

Create personalized video experiences for your shoppers so that each video is customized to their specific wants and needs. And you get all the data!

Video platform built for scale and growth

Go beyond video views. Video engagement that drives conversion.
Poll your shoppers to understand which products they like best
Highlight limited-time coupons, exclusive deals, new product drops, and additional product information
Increase interaction with personalized quizzes and journeys
Increase engagement and gather data on what your shoppers want
Spotlight a specific product throughout the video
InteractiveVideo_Product cards
Product Cards
Highlight products in-video so shoppers can easily purchase

Vertical videos built for websites

Optimize customer engagement across any device and any format.

Do more with what you have. Recommerce your content

Connect with your social profiles to quickly and easily upload video assets.

Experience the power of Firework

Humanize the online experience. Optimize the customer journey with shoppable videos


Conversion Rate

vs visitors who didn’t interact with Firework livestream or short videos.



Repeat purchase behavior vs average customer behavior.


Return Rate

vs conventional eCommerce without video engagement.


Higher NPS

vs visitors who didn’t interact with Firework livestream or short videos.

Explore brands' growth through video commerce

Kevin Miller, Chief Marketing Officer TFM
Kevin Miller, Chief Marketing Officer, The Fresh Market

Firework videos are performing better than any other media we were using.

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