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Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital Showrooms

Episode 2: Pre-Event Promotion Strategies to Drive Attendance

Live shopping expert Marcy McKenna and Firework’s Michael DeMaio discuss the importance of proper pre-event promotion content for increased conversions.
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Commerce Conversations Digital Showroom Episode 2

Bringing the in-store experience online

Live shopping has evolved over the past three decades. It’s more accessible than ever, but there are some tried and true best practices. 

Marcy and Michael break down the importance of proper pre-event promotion strategies to build a successful live shopping event.

We Discussed:

  • Which channels are best for creating anticipation and excitement before a live shopping event
  • How brands of all sizes and industries can adjust their pre-event promotions for maximum impact
  • The role of influencers and brand ambassadors in amplifying pre-event content

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About the Speakers

Marcy FW

Marcy McKenna

Meet Marcy McKenna, an award-winning product innovator, entrepreneur and live shopping expert with over 12 years of experience in the live selling space.  As a host, an influencer and a brand, Marcy brings a highly sought-after level of expertise in understanding all the many facets of live commerce and the unique challenges that brands face as they embark on their journey into the world of live shopping. While her roots are at QVC and HSN, Marcy also became an early adopter of the new live selling frontier on Amazon Live, Pinterest TV, YouTube Live, TikTok Shop, Facebook Live, etc. Having seen firsthand the power of both traditional and modern live shopping for her own brand, Marcy wanted to find a way to help other brands harness that same power for themselves. Hence, the birth of her Live Shopping Academy—courses, training, and consulting designed to help brands, influencers, and hosts fast-track their way to live shopping success.

Mike FW

Mike DeMaio

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Mike has taken on multiple career paths from education to aviation. Ultimately Mike found his true calling within technical account management and sales. In the past 12 years, Mike has been passionate about educating brands and retailers helping them find data-driven solutions for their business.

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