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Bring Your Instore Beauty Experience Online

With Firework’s video solutions, you can create personalized online beauty shopping experiences to foster real customer connections that drive conversions and exceed your business goals.
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Create a Virtual Immersive Experience

Give your consumers a personalized shopping experience to help them find the right beauty product that fits their needs, just like in a physical store.

Solutions For Your Beauty Brand

Explore the ways Firework's product suite can improve customer experience and foster relationships to bring online shoppers into your showroom faster than ever.

One-to-one Virtual Shopping

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Showcase your beauty products and all their benefits to your audience.
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Defaults to audio when joining, allowing customers to engage without being on video.
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Easily answer questions or guide consumers throughout their shopping experience.
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Beauty Virtual Showroom

Digital Showroom

Have your sales associates go live straight from your beauty showroom.
Boost customer excitement and pique their interest by broadcasting new products and trends.
Answer customer questions immediately – no more waiting for your audience to submit a contact form or email.

Interactive Short Video

Engage your customers with short-form video content, allowing them to interact with your sales associates and ask questions.
Showcase your UGC, creator, and review videos to make your website just as engaging as your social.
Demonstrate beauty products to hundreds of customers at once.
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51% of respondents say that the inability to use their senses to judge an item is the thing they enjoy least about shopping online… so we came up with a solution. Meet AVA, our AI digital human.
AVA can provide personalized recommendations, address concerns, and even anticipate customer needs.
AVA looks, talks, and engages like a human. She’s built for real conversations with shoppers to create digital connections and increase conversions.

Elevate Your Brand with the Benefits of Firework

Be the Auto Experts

Be the Beauty Experts

Actively identify high-intent visitors who are nearing the end of their purchasing journey.

Drive More Lot Visits

Glow Up and Grow

Use our product suite engage with, inform, and draw in customers so they come the website ready to purchase.

ROI with AVA


The number of conversion rates using One-to-one Video Chat vs. a standard website chatbot.


More time spent on brand websites after watching a video vs. the average site visitor.


Greater satisfaction rate vs. the average customer.


The amount of customer engagement.

(Livestream CTR vs. 1.0% social media CTR)

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