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Turn Engagement into Conversion: How to 5x Your Orders With Video Commerce

Firework’s CEO Vincent discussed the benefits of video commerce on July 20 at 12:30pm.

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Commerce Conversations (Engagement into Conversions)

Did you miss the chance to join Firework’s CEO and co-founder, Vincent Yang, on July 20 at 12:30 pm EST as he discussed how the future of online customer engagement will be powered by video? We’ve got you covered!

Ecommerce has certainly boosted transactions, but at the cost of losing the human connection. Video can help bridge this gap. Interestingly, 81% of consumers are eager for more videos from brands, but only 70% feel they are actually receiving it.

Discover how to integrate the video commerce experience into your owned properties to better engage customers, enhance conversion, and ultimately, provide your shoppers with an improved experience.

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