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Virtual Vibes: How to get face-to-face with your customers online

We discussed Firework’s expansion into 1:1 video and how it will shape ecommerce experiences.
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The future of ecommerce is conversational

Did you know? Companies that provide an emotional connection with customers outperform their competitors in sales growth by a staggering 85%. In today’s digital landscape, brands and retailers have more tools than ever to create meaningful touch points. But how do you choose the best tool to elevate the digital shopping experience and win over shoppers?

At Firework, we strive to offer an end-to-end solution for creating personalized connections at every stage of the shopping journey. In this webinar, we introduced our newest feature: 1:1 video chat. During the session, we covered:

  • The critical role of personalization and human connection in ecommerce
  • What exactly is 1:1 video chat?
  • Identifying high-value use cases applicable to both brands and retailers
  • Steps to kickstart your brand’s 1:1 video chat journey

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