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1:1 Video Chat

Introducing Firework One-Way Video Chat

Turn 500% more website visitors into customers by bringing back the human touch to e-commerce.

Get Face to Face with Your Customers

Have meaningful conversations through video to foster real customer connections. Connect brand experts with online shoppers through 1:1 video chat.


Say ‘Goodbye’ to Chatbots

Your customers deserve better. Now you can connect with them digitally like never before. Create real-life, personalized shopping experiences they won’t forget.

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Take virtual shopping to the next level

Firework's 1:1 video chat cultivates connections between brands and their customers.

Proactive Video Calling Cover Image

Proactive Video Calling

  • Actively identify high-intent visitors
  • Start a conversation with them as they browse the store
  • Increase conversions and reduce bounce rates
  • Schedule personal shopping appointments and consultations

One-Way Video Chat

  • Default to audio so customers can engage without being on video
  • Answer questions or guide consumers through their purchase journey
  • Showcase products when applicable
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  • Help shoppers shop by guiding them through the site
  • Point out great deals or new finds
  • Support in service requests

Live Consumer Insights

  • Utilize data to manage upsell and cross-sell
  • See how customers are engaging with your site in real-time
  • Understand how customers are searching for products
  • Uncover key customer insights and analytics

Trusted by global enterprise and emerging brands

Explore brands' growth through video commerce

Angela Caglia and Rob Carliner, Founders of Angela Caglia

Firework in-video checkout leads to 3x conversions on our site.

Angela Caglia and Rob Carliner, Founders of Angela Caglia

Kevin Miller, Chief Marketing Officer TFM

Firework videos are performing better than any other media we were using.

Kevin Miller, Chief Marketing Officer, The Fresh Market

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