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Explore how businesses are using web stories to create emotional connection and immersive and interactive experiences for their customers.

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Foo Tokyo uses Firework to Improve Customer Engagement by 5X

Firework has been used to build a stronger relationship between the brand and its customers, such as improving the time spent on the website by utilizing the new product information in the video function.

Masaaki Kuwabara

Masaaki Kuwabara

CEO of Next Branders and Foo Tokyo

How Audpop is using Video to Better Engage with Customers

Audpop utilizes Firework to feature short & snackable versions of their premium video content on their website to engage with customers more than ever before.

Paige Williams

Paige Williams

Founder and CEO of Audpop

How Purple Panchi has given their Website New Life

Purple Panchi is a a made-to-order premium ethnic wear label that celebrates the crafts, colors & quirks of India. Their team is using Web Stories with Firework to bring their website new life to match the boldness of their brand.

Sahana Goel

Sahana Goel

Co-Founder of Purple Panchi