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Firework Studio provides customizable templates, drag-and-drop editing tools, AI-assisted editing, as well as a library of licensed images, videos and soundtracks.

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Why Firework

Create Professional Looking Videos In Under 3 Minutes

Not only can you create and track projects, you can also work on roadmaps, map them to your OKRs and ensure your entire team is aligned on the most important work.

The pre-designed templates provide a shortcut to good design

  • Anyone without much design or video editing experience can easily create great looking videos
  • The customizable templates enable you to change the colors, fonts, images, etc. to fit your preferences

Convert existing horizontal content to short-form vertical videos

  • Using AI, Firework Studio can convert our customer’s long-form horizontal content into short-form vertical content.
  • This feature also allows for customers who have previously recorded a livestream with Firework to convert that long-form livestream into short shoppable videos for their website.

Mass video creation

  • Within the studio, you can turn one video template into thousands of unique videos.
  • This feature is especially powerful if you need to manage listings (products, destinations, real-estate).

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