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The impact of video, especially in the smartphone era, makes it the predominant marketing tool for brands. Marketers see videos generating significant ROI, with 86% of marketers actively using videos to generate leads. And yet, why do brands that want to leverage video face challenges when creating content for video commerce?

From building a team of dedicated resources to the implications on operational costs, the process can be highly inefficient. For starters, in-house video teams’ skill levels and bandwidth can severely limit your brand’s ability to get the right message across. It also doesn’t help that most brands are not equipped for video production at scale. Outsourcing video production brings its own set of challenges – like handing over your brand’s messaging and reputation controls to an external entity.

Creating video commerce content is a necessity for staying competitive, but there is no reason why it has to be strenuous.

The Rise of Video Commerce

As brands move towards a phygital model, video commerce helps them navigate the transition between the physical and digital. For the new-age customer, the expectation is that shopping will be an immersive experience, with loyal customers expecting to be delighted at every engagement. It’s no wonder brands want to connect with their audiences through eCommerce videos. And video commerce is delivering on the promise of generating high engagement to drive conversions.

The Rise of Video Commerce

Source: WyzOwl

Even as buyer attention spans drop, videos continue to be an effective avenue for increasing brand awareness and loyalty. Immersive eCommerce videos let your brand tell its unique story while keeping everything that’s important front-and-center. Good video content has ‘a-ha!’ moments that will always add to a more personalized customer experience. 

According to Statista, mobile accounts for 71% of retail website traffic and 61% of online shopping orders. For Gen Z and Millennials, who live on their phones, video is their medium of choice. Of course, while videos on social media encourage product discovery, purchases are still more likely to happen on your brand’s website. 

Firework brings shoppable videos and livestreaming to websites, redefining the brand’s digital storefront. Creation Cloud is Firework’s latest solution for brands, reinventing content creation for video commerce. 

Introducing Creation Cloud

Firework Creation Cloud provides brands with a  comprehensive ability to create eCommerce videos in a robust, easy-to-use, and dynamic platform.

What Does Creation Cloud Offer

1. Cloud-based, customizable templates

Customisable Templates - Creation Cloud

Producing a video can be time-consuming, which Creation Cloud counters by offering pre-defined, cloud-based templates that provide a shortcut to stellar design. Take advantage of a full suite of editing tools to create video content that resonates with your audience. See a breakdown of the scenes, various elements of the templates, and customize your eCommerce video to the fullest.

2. Create at scale with mass video creation

Turn one video template into thousands of unique and organic videos that hook your audience. Unleash a content machine that improves your team’s efficiency and reduces operating costs.

3. AI-assisted editing tools

AI-assisted Editing Tools - Creation Cloud


90% of vertical videos have a higher watch completion rate than horizontal ones. However, readjusting videos from a horizontal format to vertical can often lead to poor video quality. Creation Cloud’s AI-assisted editing tools help brands convert horizontal videos in a jiffy; converting to vertical frames takes minutes and delivers error-free, high-quality vertical videos.

4. Expansive media library

Creation Cloud includes an exhaustive library of licensed resources, giving brands access to a massive pool of images, videos, and soundtracks. Everything you need to create a captivating video is at your fingertips.

The Benefits of Creation Cloud

1. Improve operational efficiency:

No need to dedicate a small army of resources towards video creation. All you need is a basic understanding of drag-and-drop features. 

2. Preserve your brand reputation:

Tell stories that reflect unique brand voices. Creation Cloud lets your brand create its own narrative and dictate what customers see. 

3. Increase customer engagement:

Leverage existing customer data to craft videos that will resonate with the right audiences and align with brand goals.

4. Reduce operation costs:

Creation Cloud is a no-cost tool that eliminates operational costs like purchasing licensed software or outsourcing video production.

Get Started with Creation Cloud

Firework is the ultimate one-stop shop for vertical and shoppable videos, from creation to post. The eCommerce video solutions help brands leverage omnichannel strategies and bring human connection to customers via real-time experiences and interactions. Creation Cloud is the newest tool for brands looking to scale up their video commerce efforts. 

Creation Cloud is now generally available and is already being leveraged by industry-leading brands like Walmart, Levi’s, and Heinz.

Try Creation Cloud for free today!




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