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Visual storytelling is highly effective in the pet care niche. By sharing relatable stories, brands can draw on owners’ emotional bonds with their pets to build trust and engagement. Learn how Earthly does just that by integrating UGC with video commerce.

Earthly specializes in dog dental care. Concerned by a lack of quality products on offer, its founders launched a range of natural chews and treats. The goal is to help owners improve the health, happiness, and overall well-being of their pets.

To do this, it needed to be both visible and credible. Earthly saw the importance of reviews here. More specifically, visual reviews. With this type of user-generated content, it could share stories of happy pets enjoying its chews, showing a trustworthy brand with quality products.

And because dog owners are some of the biggest consumers (and creators) of short-form video, it knew this type of content would be key.

So Earthly’s first challenge was finding a review solution to support its UGC strategy.

The Road to

There are many review products on the market, and Earthly tried a few before switching to

Its main frustration with these products was a lack of customization and flexibility. They offered basic review functionality, but the collection process couldn’t be tailored to meet the brand’s specific needs.

In addition, it found the user experience cumbersome and unintuitive. The platforms lacked user-friendly features, making it hard for the team to navigate and use the tools effectively.

This restricted Earthly’s success. For its UGC strategy to work, it needed a simple way to collect, manage, and publish content at scale. The solution offered the right functionality:

  • A user-friendly interface and streamlined automation, saving Earthly time and effort.
  • Customization options for keeping the process on brand.
  • Seamless integration with Earthly’s website, for a smooth user experience.

FW-Review Image

Customers are engaged in the process of sharing reviews in video form. These snippets tell the story of the Earthly brand, and its mission to support happy and healthy pets.

And thanks to our Firework integration, they also offer a clever conversion tool. + Firework: Reviews as Shoppable Video

A video commerce solution, Firework converts stories into sales. Its suite of tools supports video creation, livestream shopping, and the key to Earthly’s strategy, shoppable video.

With our integration, the brand is able to sync video reviews with the Firework platform. Content is pulled through and reformatted for the Firework player – and shoppable overlays added in a few clicks.

Videos are then published in carousels and displayed across the Earthly website.

Image FW

These draw visitors into an authentic narrative. They see real people with real pets, sharing positive experiences. They’re also immersive. A customer can interact with a video review, learn more about the product in it, and navigate straight to the product page itself.

This helps drive conversion rates in three ways:

  • Product storytelling: relatable and visible content helps convey the features, benefits, and value of a product.
  • Trust: authentic reviews act as endorsements from a trustworthy source.
  • Convenience: steps in the purchase path are reduced, improving the buyer experience.


“Now that and Firework have joined forces, we couldn’t be happier. The combination of these two platforms allows us to enhance our customer experience while building trust and transparency with our audience. We’re excited to continue leveraging these powerful tools to drive our business forward.” – Beau Ice, Customer Advocate Manager at Earthly Pets

Integration Benefits: Video Commerce and UGC Combined

89% of consumers say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product or service. Meanwhile, 87% of businesses say video has increased dwell time on their website and increased sales.

Yet despite its many benefits, 30% of marketers say they lack the time to create video content.

The and Firework integration solves this problem. With video reviews, customers create the content for you, saving time and money. You can then effortlessly transform that content into carousels of shoppable videos published with the Firework Player.


And because you’re using user-generated video, you’ll see more conversions – 82% of consumers say they’d be more inclined to buy from a brand if it incorporated more UGC into marketing initiatives.

Essentially, you get the benefits of video commerce and UGC, all wrapped up in a seamless integration. And all the tools you need for visual storytelling that converts.

Build Your Storytelling Tech Stack and Firework are a powerful combination. With video reviews, you can tell stories that resonate with your audience. And when you make those videos shoppable, you create an immersive buyer journey.

Together, they drive maximum engagement for your brand, helping you stand out in the competitive world of eCommerce.

To learn more about Firework and, reach out to or explore our Partner Directory page.

About Firework

Firework is the world’s leading video commerce and engagement platform built for brands and retailers. Leveraging interactive short video, livestream shopping, digital showroom, and game-changing one-to-one virtual shopping solutions, Firework empowers the world’s most dynamic and exciting retailers, consumer brands, and publishers to build engaging video experiences on their owned and operated digital properties and across channels at a global scale. Firework enables organizations to bring new levels of authenticity and connection to online video experiences, speaking to digital natives in the language they understand fully—and taking control of their own customer data.

About is a Google licensed platform which allows clients to grow their online reputation through authentic reviews. The company offers seamless integration with a multitude of different shop platforms and other eCommerce services in order to maximize your customers’ engagement and confidence. Utilizing our tools will allow you to collect your customers’ photos and videos which can be integrated into your marketing campaigns, ensuring authenticity and trustworthiness, to drive up your brand’s conversion rates.

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