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A smartphone in every hand has changed the way we consume content – more than 63% of all YouTube video views happen on mobile devices – and that is reflected in the rise of the vertical video format. Unsurprisingly, the right vertical video editor is now an essential tool in every brand’s video marketing arsenal.

While vertical videos can be created and edited on almost any device, finding the right platform and software for your needs is paramount. Factors like the ultimate goal of creating vertical videos, the target audience, and distribution play an important role in deciding which vertical video editor will serve you best.

Why Vertical Videos Matter For Your Business

When was the last time you rotated your phone to watch a video, especially a short video? Thanks to social media apps like TikTok and Snapchat, with others jumping on the bandwagon sooner or later, vertical format videos have become the norm.

A key reason for the rapid adoption of vertical videos is that when it comes to mobile devices, vertical videos are much more engaging than their horizontal counterparts. Viewers are 90% more likely to finish watching a short vertical video than a horizontal one!

With such an engaging format on offer, it was only inevitable that vertical videos would become a vital tool in eCommerce strategies. Tapping into the vertical format for video commerce has benefited marketers, brands, content creators, and publishers.

1. Showcase products more effectively

The video format allows for products to be showcased in a way that static images simply cannot. This is especially important when customers are making a luxury purchase and want to see the product in action before making a purchase. Vertical videos ensure that mobile audiences are catered for, which is important considering the rise in content consumption as well as shopping on mobile platforms.

gucci shoppable video

2. Inform and educate

The right vertical video content can be very useful for converting intent into sales. Videos that can inform and educate customers about the product go a long way towards reassuring customers about the product’s quality and value.

3. Tap into what GenZ wants

Vertical videos are the preferred way for Millennials and GenZ to consume content. For luxury brands, tapping into younger demographics is important to build brand loyalty and inculcate a sense of luxury goods as aspirational purchases. Tapping into this format lets brands catch them young and do just that!

4. Build for video commerce

Vertical video formats like livestreaming and shoppable videos are ideal for engaging customers at scale, and converting intent into purchase. The right vertical video editor, combined with the right video commerce strategy, can help brands expand their digital storefront, with every video becoming an opportunity to sell.


Editing Vertical Videos on Computer vs Smartphone

Recording and editing videos on smartphones has become extremely common thanks to TikTok and Instagram Reels. However, a vertical video editor on your desktop or laptop offers advantages that editing on mobile devices simply cannot.

vertical video editing on a laptop

1. Creating professional-grade videos

Even the most performance-packed smartphones cannot match the computing power of your trusty laptop. This is a critical factor to consider if you need to create vertical videos quickly, without a drop in quality.

2. The more ergonomic solution

Touchscreen interfaces are great for many things (Fruit Ninja, anyone?) but they are lousy for audio and video editing. Having a mouse and keyboard shortcuts at our disposal is a must-have for editing.

3. A matter of scale

The quantity of vertical videos your brand can put out is just as important as quality. Editing on a desktop or laptop allows you to churn out high-quality vertical videos at a much faster rate than editing on a mobile device.


Best Online Vertical Video Editor – Creation Cloud

Creation Cloud is designed to let brands and creators harness the power of AI while creating and editing vertical video content at scale.

1. Pre-existing templates

Tap into best-in-class design with Creation Cloud’s repository of vertical video templates that makes creating great-looking vertical videos, at scale, an absolute breeze.

2. Drag-and-drop interface

Creation Cloud’s ergonomic user interface lets creators, even those with little-to-no editing experience, get started in a jiffy and with zero learning curve.

3. AI-assisted editing

Smart AI editing helps users create vertical videos ideal for cross-device and cross-platform use. The AI-assisted editing tool also converts landscape videos into portrait without any loss of quality.

4. Cloud-based storage

Not only are all user files saved on the cloud – safeguarding against data loss in case your computer crashes – users can continue editing where they left off even if they’re on a different computer.

5. Licensed media library

Creation Cloud users get access to an expansive library of licensed resources, including images, videos, and music – everything needed to create high-quality vertical videos.

6. Create for eCommerce

Export videos in various sizes and formats for cross-channel distribution, including for Firework’s shoppable video units.

While mobile devices aren’t the most well-suited for editing videos, here are a couple of iOS and Android apps that can help get the job done when editing on the go.


Best Vertical Video Editor for iOS – Enlight Videoleap

The Enlight Videoleap Video Editor goes beyond your basic video editing features. From animating keyframes to doing color corrections this vertical video editing app offers it all.

Changing aspect ratios is a simple process in this app, but does require its fair share of taps. The editor also gives users access to a sizable collection of stock footage.

Special mention: iMovie


Best Vertical Video Editor for Android – Quik

For users who shoot using GoPro cameras, the Quik app is the ideal companion. Upload up to 75 photos and videos and Quik’s AI will analyze them and apply corrections where needed.

Quik also includes pre-designed themes, albeit only a few, that include transitions and graphics. These themes are fully customizable and lets users trim the length, alter playback speed or change the aspect ratio.

Special mention: Vue


The Wrap Up

Not creating vertical content means missing out on reaching a wide audience, especially among GenZ. Working with a dedicated vertical video editor ensures that the vertical creation process is quick and easy.

Firework’s Creation Cloud is available to try for free and is trusted by industry-leading brands including Walmart, Levi’s, and Heinz.


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