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Welcome to the bustling marketplace of Firework, where the first 100 days are an exciting journey through the aisles of onboarding. Start your Firework career out strong with this e-commerce-inspired adventure, complete with manager checkouts, bestie collaborations, and general ops expeditions.

30 Days: Onboarding Shopping Cart

With Your Manager:

🛒 Set 1:1 Cadence: Like a shopping trip, establish a rhythm with your manager.

📅 Obtain Stakeholder List: Schedule introductory 1:1s, your personal meet-and-greet spree.

🔐 Review Software Access: Ensure you have all the necessary tools in your onboarding shopping cart.

🚀 Discuss Vision: Explore the department’s OKRs, your compass for success.

With Your Bestie:

🛒 Set 1:1 Cadence: Your bestie is your shopping buddy; sync up regularly.

🧭 Review Values: Navigate the Firework map with your bestie, discovering company values.

🎯 Locate OKRs: Pinpoint Firework’s objectives and key results.


60 Days: Product Learning Checkout

With Your Manager:

🛒 Assign Learning Timeline: Allocate time for product proficiency – the essential product aisle.

📊 Assess Project Contribution: Evaluate your cart’s content, making sure it aligns with team goals.

🌱 Discuss Growth: Look for the seeds of growth in your learning progress.

With Your Bestie:

🛒 Adjust 1:1 Cadence: Fine-tune your shopping schedule with your bestie.

🍱 Complete Bestie Bite: Enjoy a sponsored lunch and sharing insights and experiences.

General Checkout:

📚 Complete Virtual Onboarding: Cruise through the general ops aisles with People Ops.


90 Days: Performance Checkout

With Your Manager:

🛒 Determine OKRs: Your cart now has quarterly goals – a roadmap to success.

🚀 Discuss Growth Path: Navigate your career’s e-commerce aisle, foreseeing future achievements.

With Your Bestie:

🛒 Official 1:1 End: While the formal 1:1s conclude, your bestie camaraderie can continue beyond.

General Checkout:

📚 Continue Learning Journey: The learning never stops in this dynamic e-commerce space.

💡 Review L&D Reimbursement: Explore the perks aisle, discovering the Learning & Development Reimbursement program.

Embark on your Firework career journey with this e-commerce-inspired onboarding guide. Just like a well-planned shopping spree, these first 100 days set you on a path to success in the vibrant marketplace of Firework.

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