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Welcome to our very first blog post launching today on the new age of publishing around the world of web storytelling and short-video creation! 

Yes, we figured it was about time, and we wanted to do it for the right reasons. You can turn to our blog — Firewords —  for the latest-and-greatest for publishers rapidly evolving in the new age of short-videos and web stories. Expect to see shiny new examples of emerging platforms every top tier publisher should have a presence on and how-to do that with maximum effect, examples of publishers breaking the creativity barrier on these new forms / media of content, new norms for digital publishing in a millennial world; from  best practices including how to turn old-school text-first articles into a stories-first ecosystem to thought leadership including white papers and e-books, here’s where it all happens. 

Given that we are in the business of providing publishers cutting-edge tools to build in a new age of publishing, our blog design will continue to shine the spotlight on ways every top-tier publisher and creator can adapt to a modern storytelling ecosystem on the web, minus all the clutter. And, we also wanted to feature posts through a more visually appealing feature section from our main Firework Plus homepage. 

We think Scott Havens, VP Finance and Operations at the Atlantic, said it best:

What publishers are betting on, of course, is this “once in a lifetime” confluence of technological, consumer and market trends — rapid adoption of connected devices that play video, continued consumer cord-cutting, shifting of ad dollars, increased network bandwidth, simple and cheap video hardware and software, etc. — that we believe will begin to disrupt publishing.

We believe the moment is now! We’ll continue to help bring publishers into the new age with everything from “Tips and Tricks” to “Thought Leadership” from the most creative minds in publishing to give us a sneak peak into what they see as the future of publishing. 

We’d love to hear from you on topics you’d love to hear about on modern publishing. Feel free to leave us  a comment or say “Hi” on LinkedIn @fireworkhq.

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