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Innovative virtual shopping technology promises to usher in a new era of online shopping defined by trust, credibility, and personalization, achieved by creating meaningful connections through real-life video experiences.

Firework, the leading video commerce and engagement platform, today announced the general availability release of its new One-to-one Video Chat product — a groundbreaking new virtual shopping solution that brings the connectivity, convenience, and personalization of in-store shopping to the digital customer experience. Firework 1:1 Video Chat modules can be added to any page on the open web and enable customers to initiate live, one-to-one video calls with dedicated sales associates or brand representatives with a single click. 

The innovative new technology promises to dramatically reshape today’s e-commerce landscape by combining the convenience of online shopping with the personalization, interactivity, and support of the in-store customer experience. What’s more, by providing immediate, one-to-one access to knowledgeable product experts, One-to-one Video Chat provides customers with a seamless, safe, and well-informed shopping experience suited to their unique preferences and needs. 

“At Firework, we are revolutionizing the way consumers engage with online shopping,” said Jerry Luk, Co-founder and President of Firework. “Our one-to-one video chat is more than just a product; it’s a transformative experience that recreates the intimacy and personal connection of a physical store visit.  It’s about so much more than simple convenience — through this innovation, we’re bridging the gap between digital convenience and real-world interactions, crafting a future where shopping online is just as engaging and personalized as walking into your favorite store, and interacting with your favorite sales associate.”

What to Expect From Firework’s 1:1 Video Chat

As is true of all Firework innovations, One-to-one Video Chat boasts an array of advanced capabilities and unique features that set the solution apart from other virtual shopping technologies on the market. In addition to a variety of industry-leading technical differentiators — such as ultra-low latency, enhanced security, and seamless multi-device switching — Firework One-to-one Video Chat offers a variety of unique features such as:

  • User Privacy: Firework’s One-to-one Video Chat product was designed with user privacy at top of mind.  All customer conversations are initiated as one-way video chats by default — meaning the virtual sales associate is visible to the customer, but not vice-versa, resulting in an interactive, visually-engaging experience for the customer that maintains their own privacy. This ensures a personalized shopping experience that respects individual preferences and prioritizes user confidentiality, allowing consumers to shop with confidence and peace of mind.
  • Proactive Assistance: Proactive Assistance allows online sales representatives to engage customers proactively, by issuing a text-based alert (or ping) offering assistance or providing information or guidance. Proactive Assistance gives brands greater flexibility to shape their own customer service experience — including a more direct, white-glove approach that addresses customers’ questions, needs, and preferences immediately, and in real-time.
  • Guided Shopping: Firework’s One-to-one Video Chat is far more than just a “Zoom for websites.” Instead, it’s like having a virtual companion for online shopping. With the Guided Shopping feature, sales associates can actually accompany customers as they navigate the online store — moving from page to page and scrolling through listings right alongside them, all while suggesting complementary items, answering questions, and providing a truly immersive, personalized shopping experience.
  • Interactive Exploration: Interactive Exploration, also known as co-browsing, takes digital interactivity to a whole new level. With co-browsing, customers can initiate “virtual try-on” sessions, which let users assess apparel for fit and examine intricate product details up close just as they would in-store. Customers can also collaborate with sales associates in real time, customize product choices, and enjoy an unprecedented degree of assurance in their online purchases.
  • Expertise Anywhere: Firework’s One-to-one Video Chat solution also boasts device- and location-agnostic functionality, meaning consumers and experts can connect  from anywhere and on any internet-connected device. Whether relaxing at home or on the go, Firework’s mobile-first approach ensures users can engage in meaningful conversations with dedicated experts whenever and wherever they please.

Taken together, the combination of cutting-edge capabilities, superior technical performance, and innovative design makes Firework’s One-to-one Video Chat solution unparalleled in today’s market. However, exceptional as the technology itself may be, Firework’s role in its development is anything but. On the contrary, One-to-one Video Chat is simply the latest in a long list of industry-disrupting innovations introduced by Firework in recent months. This year alone, the company released the first-ever generative AI solution for video commerce, a complementary suite of AI-driven content creation tools, and a first-of-its-kind, in-video checkout solution that dramatically accelerates the average consumer’s path to purchase. This announcement underscores Firework’s tireless, unwavering commitment to innovation and customer success. 

To learn more about Firework’s One-to-one Video Chat solution and see it in action, visit

About Firework

Firework is the world’s leading video commerce and engagement platform built for brands. Leveraging interactive short video, digital showroom, and game-changing one-to-one live shopping solutions, Firework empowers the world’s most dynamic and exciting retailers, consumer brands, and publishers to build engaging video experiences on their owned and operated digital properties and across channels at a global scale. Firework enables organizations to bring new levels of authenticity and connection to online video experiences, speaking to digital natives in the language they understand fully—and taking control of their own customer data. The company employs over 300 professionals across 38 countries and has raised over $235 million in capital to date. To learn more, please visit

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