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From 2023 to 2027, the global apparel market is set to increase by $200 billion, adding $50 billion each year. If this growth pace continues, the total revenues are forecasted to surpass $2 trillion by 2028​ with a substantial part of those transactions via ecommerce.

In the competitive online market, standing out is crucial for brands like Victoria’s Secret & Co. Their strategy is to attract and retain consumers by providing an enriched online customer experience that mirrors the personalized interactions customers traditionally expect from brands in-store. Victoria’s Secret & Co. seeks to lead in digital personalization by placing customer-centricity at the epicenter of their omnichannel experiences.

In line with this focus, VS&Co has entered into a partnership with Firework. This partnership aims to enhance online customer engagement, showcasing VS&Co’s commitment to innovation and top-tier customer experience. By integrating interactive video content directly into Victoria’s Secret online shopping platform, Firework facilitates a more direct and meaningful relationship with digital customers, enriching the online shopping journey in a new, engaging way.

The relationship begins with a strategic rollout of video commerce across short, interactive videos, leveraging existing campaigns and social content on Victoria’s Secret online shopping platforms with future plans to continue innovation throughout the customer journey. The core of this partnership is about transforming the e-commerce experience, creating a more engaging and personalized shopping journey for each customer.

At Victoria’s Secret & Co., Love the Customer is a core value, and the partnership with Firework marks a pivotal step in the brand’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the customer experience through innovative digital solutions and key partnerships.

As it has in many industries, the shift to ecommerce in apparel and beauty has accelerated rapidly over the last five years. While online shopping offers convenience, customers still yearn for the personal connections they enjoy in physical stores. By choosing to partner with Firework, VS&Co underscores its commitment to imagining innovative ways to connect with customers online and lead the next era of engaging, personalized digital retail.”

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