Web Stories: How Brands and Publishers can Revolutionize Customer Experience in 2022


With almost everyone glued to mobile screens today, the likelihood of digital content, especially short-form videos, grabbing user attention is far higher on mobile than content on TV, radio, outdoor, and print. The shortening attention span and the massive video content consumption significantly drive the importance of sharpening the digital customer experience.

Swiping is the preferred way to navigate digital content. It is very convenient for users to watch only those video stories that catch their attention. Thus, swipeable content is viewed more on various social media platforms. 

Therefore, crafting impactful and engaging web stories and short-form videos is the need of the hour. Text or image-based content may not appeal to new-gen customers habituated to swipeable or short video formats. 

E-commerce sites can adapt to web stories to cope with contemporary trends in digital media and enhance their customer experience

What are Web Stories?

Web stories are a vertical, mobile-optimized full-screen content format crafted for the web with a visual impact. The vertical visual content contains videos, audio, and text inspired by social media’s short-form content. However, web stories differ from stories on social media as the latter is connected to a specific account and bound to one platform. In contrast, the former can be shared everywhere, i.e., in an email, as a landing page, etc.

Some useful statistics about the Web Stories

Web stories have a significant impact on e-commerce sites. It is estimated that there is an addition of nine minutes to the average session time with web stories, which is a 2.8x increase in the average session time. Thus, web stories empower brands to gain increased website engagement.   

Research shows that stories with a short narrative with photos, videos, and text are viewed by 35% of consumers. Around 15% of the viewers thought that stories involving quizzes and polls, or demos and tutorials, are more engaging. 

What constitutes a great Web Story?


Impactful graphic/video/presentation 

The most important thing in web stories is the media content. Web stories can bring out an excellent story experience only when the images or videos used in the stories are appealing. 

Web stories are all about the visual experience; hence, it is wise to choose the correct media even before zeroing in on the text of a web story. 

Tip: Web stories should include only high-quality images and high-resolution videos.

Crisp narrative

Humans have a special connection with stories. An exciting story always has a compelling narrative, which creates a fantastic video experience for viewers. Know your audience well to learn how and in what language to convey the brand’s message through stories.

 Some of the considerations one must keep in mind before crafting these swipeable stories are: 

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What is your product or service?
  3. What is your objective through these short videos?
  4. What is the emotional quotient of the story?

Once you have a clear answer to the above considerations, you are good to design the web story.

A balanced design of the creative

A balanced design is a thread that binds the media and the narrative together. A perfect design should have a balanced distribution of space, be stylish, and, most importantly, be clutter-free. While it is necessary to have the correct placement for the media and text, it is equally important to have specific white spaces. It allows the content to stand out. 

Reasons your brand needs a web story

If you have the right tools, the correct narrative, and the right design for your web story, you are one step away from transforming your digital customer exper

Your brand should incorporate a powerful web story strategy to deliver a wholesome online experience and improve website engagement. Web stories can lead to 4x more website engagement, 3x increase in video views, and 2.8x increase in average session time.

Some of the key benefits of enabling web stories on your website are:

  • Effective Customer Engagement

Since web stories offer an immersive experience to the viewers and are fun to watch, they certainly increase customer engagement. People love to scroll through content that engages them. 

You need to find your niche and stand out by sharing appealing and dynamic stories for maximum engagement. For instance, Digital Publisher Refinery29 started a series, “How stuff is made,” which features web stories explaining the genesis of several exciting things. Each story is made so that the viewers are left eager to find out what happens next. The web story feature helps keep users on-site for longer, and media consumption goes up automatically. 


  • Improving Conversions






With Shoppable Videos, web stories get the ability to capture sales directly from the videos themselves with product links embedded into the main story body. The shoppability element supercharges the marketing funnel movement speed, effectively reducing the gap between the point of consideration and the point of purchase.

The best thing about short-form or vertical videos is that they allow you to convey your message or promote your product through a story. A story is more impactful on the audience than images or blogs. Brands can leverage this medium to share inspiring stories. For example, NowThis shared a story about a paralympic swimmer who built his pool for practice during the pandemic. The digital publisher leverages web stories to break down complex narratives into bit-sized parts split across multiple story segments, making for great snackable content. 

  • Better User Experience

Web stories interact directly with the consumers’ interests and appeal to all their senses. They form an emotional connection with the audience and help forge a long-term bond. This direct association of web stories enhances the information reception content comprehension and leads to a better user experience. 

  • Increased Campaign Effectiveness

Web stories offer a higher brand recall value and increase brand awareness thanks to their visual appeal. Moving from a combination of text + images to short-form video-based stories will significantly enhance the visual immersion, driving up stickiness, clicks, and impression metrics across different industry verticals. 

How to get started?

Want to craft an exciting web story? Analyze your brand’s user base and check for the highest engaging milestones so far; include these insights into making a compelling web story. 

It is recommended to use Firework, an interactive web story video platform that offers live streaming and shoppable video options for your brand to better interact and engage with customers. Publishers also use the platform to get more users on their websites and create a more engaging experience through short-form videos, web stories, improved ad-serving mechanisms, and more extensive ad inventory. With a single line of code, Firework gets activated on your website without any additional tweaking required from your tech team. 

Firework makes it incredibly easy to create and manage web stories on your website. You can directly upload the web story content to the Firework dashboard on your channel, or import video content from any other source (Youtube, Instagram) with our proprietary importer tool. Firework’s Creation Studio gives marketers a powerful DIY solution to edit and produce highly immersive, beautiful short videos with key features that simplify the video production process.

The tool optimizes video content for mobile viewing, ensuring that the output fits the modern vertical experience favoring smartphone users. Secondly, Firework’s AI aids the conversion process by optimizing horizontal video content into vertical, short-form content with very high precision, simplifying the actual creation process by a large degree. Find out more about hosting web stories using Firework here.

An average user spends two hours daily on IG stories, and Firework can help brands easily replicate the high-immersion social experience on their website and app. Capture audience attention with greater effectiveness and create highly enriched experiences for modern consumers who love video. 

Take a look at our customer stories if you don’t believe us:

  • Sahana Go, Co-Founder of Purple Panchi, says, “Thank you for playing such an active part in integrating the Firework plugin on our website. We are always on the lookout for good-quality solution providers to drive engagement to our website and help with conversions.”
  • Paige Williams, Founder and CEO of Audpop, says, “We love Firework so much, we use their player on our homepage. The addition of videos has increased customer engagement by 13x and customer purchases by 6x.”

Your journey towards effective customer engagement and a fantastic video experience is just a click away. 

Get in touch today because digital media trends keep changing every day.

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