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Video creators are a creative bunch, and if this pandemic has proven anything, it’s that they are finding new ways to create. Here’s three simple tricks to try before the year wraps, and we’re off to 2021!

During this unprecedented time, content creators have had to pivot and think outside of the box to stay relevant. The typical days of creating content has been halted by the 2020 pandemic and global restrictions. Creators who rely on traveling, collaborations and social interaction have had to think unconventionally to produce their next piece of content. 

With this trying time Social Media and content creating has taken an exciting evolution that has allowed creators to innovate and produce some of the most thought provoking pieces of content. Technology has allowed content creators to connect with their audience without leaving the comfort of their homes! 

Creators are hyper-focusing on three key tips to insure their content stands out during this period where consumption is at an all time high. The three tips are Topic Focused Content, Live Streaming &  Stories. 

1. Topic-focused content

Topics, trending or otherwise, themes allows creators to stand out from all competition. It allows you to build a loyal following within niche content categories. While the world is slowing down and sheltering-in-place, creators can use the downtime as opportunities to stay ahead and produce content with intent.

For example, Occupationally Generated Content (OGC) allows a creator to take leadership position and become a thought leader in a specific space. Concentrating in a niche allows the audience to identify you and your content as the leading expert within that industry.

2. Live streaming

The Live streaming audience has grown tremendously during 2022. From platforms like Twitch, Instagram Live and Snapchat creators have seen an all time high engagement spike. This real-time connection has allowed the world to feel together during these unique times.

Content creators are taking advantage of current events that are on the pulse and using topics to engage with their followers. Jump the broom, hit the live button, and start interacting with your audience! 

3. Stories format

Ephemeral Stories have progressed from just low-fi moments to a full fledged industry. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat coined the “in the moment” concept that has been adapted by Youtube, Facebook and even LinkedIn!

Platforms like Firework bridged the gap between content creators and publishers by creating a stories-first strategy of everlasting short form video embedded across the web. Join in on the revolution and begin creating stories to support all your social platforms! 

These are just a few of the Tips and Tricks Creators are using to stay relevant and connected during 2022! We are always curious to hear more trends creators are using! Feel free to leave us a comment on Twitter @fireworkhq

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