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As a marketeer in the digital-first world, video is the biggest weapon in your marketing arsenal. The most successful brands are increasingly leveraging video creation and promotion to build and increase their market presence. In today’s day and age, a powerful video strategy translates into consumer engagement. According to a Cisco report, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. However, getting started with video marketing requires getting multiple moving pieces in order. Having a video production checklist can position can effectively align video strategy and execution for the best return on investment. Brands have the choice to either produce the video in-house or engage with a video production company.

While both choices are feasible enough, hiring a video production company comes with its own share of advantages for brands.

In this article, we decode everything you need to know before getting a video production company on board.

The Benefits of Working With a Video Production Company

Video production companies are equipped to help you through the entire lifecycle of the video creation process. Here are the top 3 benefits to consider bringing a video production company on board.

Expect a Professional Output

As a brand, you would want your video marketing campaign to look professional and polished. However, achieving a high standard of output from your in-house efforts can be daunting in addition to managing other aspects of your day-to-day business.

Video Production Companies bring the necessary professional touch to their video deliverables. You can oversee the production process without worrying about the nitty-gritty or the quality of the final product. Video Production companies have in-house experts and access to the latest technology to deliver professional, high-quality videos.

Minimize Additional In-house Production Costs

While having your in-house team is convenient, it might not necessarily be a cost-effective option. It would entail investment in buying or hiring the required film equipment and bringing on board additional resources.

Add to it the expense of purchasing props or upgrading equipment. By engaging with a video production company, there is no hassle of additional expenses apart from the service fees. They have access to the resources and networks to bring your vision to life.

Stay on Track With Expenses and Timelines.

Video production companies provide an accurate estimate of the costs required to translate your vision into reality. The cost they quote generally covers all aspects of production and post-production activities. This ensures minimal deviation from the set budget. Also, since they have access to the best assets and resources for production at their beck and call, video production companies rarely falter in meeting deadlines.

Key Steps to Hiring a Video Production Company

The adoption of video by businesses has led to the emergence of numerous video production companies providing a plethora of services. Hence, it’s important to identify a video production company that is aligned with your goals.

Here is a quick primer to help you get started.

Step 1: Search for Top Video Production Companies Nearby

First, start looking for video production companies nearby your business. Accessibility is essential in the initial phases to ensure better alignment between expectation and execution. To gather the necessary information about video production companies, you may use Google, referrals, connections in your network, etc. Acquire as much information about their services and look for work samples and testimonials.

Step 2: Get a Quote

Once you’ve shortlisted a few video production companies, it’s time to figure out the logistics and investment for further screening. Refine your search for the ultimate video production company by getting quotes for the services you need. Prepare a video production checklist and discuss your requirements in depth.

When hiring a video producer, you must be clued into all commercial requirements and expectations. Pick a video production company that sticks to standardized charges. Budgeting and efficient project management help prevent extra spending on the video production process.

Step 3: Request for Work Samples

Asking for a portfolio, demo, or reference of video production examples is the next step. You need to evaluate the examples in light of your video production checklist. At this stage, you review all the options and analyze examples for the best emphasis on your branding goals. As video producers, their portfolio quality and consistency will determine the effectiveness of your partnership for video creation.

Step 4: Shortlisting and Selection

Now is the time to zero down on a video production agency based on budget, service requirements, client testimonials, past experience, the scope of work, and so on. Pick a video creator that knows what your business goals are, and be clear when sharing all they need to know about you.

Step 5: Request A Video Production Proposal

The next step is to seek a formal video production proposal from the shortlisted video production company. The production proposals are generally brief containing the key engagement scope and details.

Step 6: Clearly Define the Rules of Engagement

By refining your search for hiring the best video production company for the first time and asking for proposals and examples, you now have a clear idea of what’s required and how equipped the company is to meet your requirements. While some companies may specialize in creative ideation, others may be experts at execution, e.g. — scriptwriting, music, editing, post-production activities, etc. 

According to your goals, outline objectives for the campaign. Pick a mode of communication to oversee deliverables. Set expectations, communicate with your video producer, and find time to get involved in the ideation and execution process regularly.

Factors that Influence Hiring a Video Producer

As you draw up a video production checklist, there are a number of factors that come into play.

To ensure that your time, budget, and brand goals are met effectively, here are some factors to consider when hiring a video production company.

What’s your Budget?

How much do you want to spend on your video creation project? Your budget determines the intricacies of video creation and video production. Always hire a video production company that delivers quality output within budget.

Who is Your Ideal Audience?

Specifying your target audience is fundamental to creating your video production checklist. Using primary and secondary data, create personas of your target groups. Once you define your audiences, the video producer will be better positioned to make videos that make a real difference.

What are your Distribution Channels?

Clearly identify your distribution channels for the type of video creation you envision. Strategize with your video producer and team to identify priorities for social media, search, television, and PR that reach your desired target groups.

What is the Licensing Arrangement?

Ensure all materials used for video creation and production are mutually agreed upon by all concerned parties. Ensure that you conduct service meetings that meet all legal requirements. For a licensed and well-rounded video production company, the paperwork will be minimal and best practices will be employed.

What is the Communication and Working Style?

From the onset, communicate clearly. Dividing the project into sections makes it easier for all stakeholders to collaborate, track progress, and deliver. When hiring a video production company, ensure the communication strategy and working models are laid out before work begins.

Who’s your Point of Contact?

Video production companies often assign their employees to different projects and duties involved in video production. In some cases, extra personnel may be required. To avoid budget leaks or delivery gaps, maintain a consistent and continuous mode of communication with your allocated Point of Contact for each project. Ensure you are engaged with the person or people working on executing your video production checklist. That’s how you can maintain quality and ensure the timely completion of the project.

How Experienced is the Company?

Ensuring that your video production company delivers and exceeds your quality expectations is crucial. Be sure to run background research on the video producer and related parties. If you have a seasoned company on your side, your brand vision will take flight. Based on your experience with the video producer, you may determine whether to carry a short-term or long-term contract for the best results.

How Well-Equipped is the Company?

In many cases, as the complexity of video creation increases, more sophisticated equipment may be required. As your strategy evolves, you will need more resources, technical support, and professional equipment. Choose a video company that already has access to the best equipment, with proven experience building great content.

Can the Company Meet the Desired Timelines?

Time is a critical parameter used to measure the impact of your video strategy and the deliverables. An experienced video producer will often cite timelines and set out project requirements in the calendar to make the process seamless. Adherence to time-to-market for each video makes achieving business goals easier and faster.


Video marketing is the most effective way to sell your products and services online. Hence, picking the right video production company is essential to ensuring the success of your video campaigns. Hiring an experienced company that complements your brand’s vision ensures the delivery of quality content that drives engagement and conversions. 


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