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Online advertising leader in Asia sees increasing market demand for the web stories that Firework enables for the open web.


Silicon Valley CA – June , 2021Firework, the leading short video web stories platform for the open web headquartered in Silicon Valley, has announced forming a strategic partnership with D.A. Consortium (DAC) to enter into the Japanese market. As a part of this new business alliance, DAC has begun offering Firework’s web story management platform to its clients and audiences. 

Firework is a web story management platform that allows users to quickly and easily post vertical short videos on any type of website. Companies can install Firework on their website to increase engagement, customer satisfaction, motivation to buy, and lifetime value, which will contribute to building more profitable business models.

Worldwide, approximately 700 websites, more than 30 apps, seven mobile telecommunications companies and five website browsers have already implemented Firework, and these networks in total have more than 250 million monthly visitors.

With improvements to the digital environment brought about by the arrival of 5G, more and more sei-katsu-sha (a term used to denote people with lives, aspirations and dreams, not simply “consumers”) in Japan are watching more videos than ever before. In particular, vertical-format, short-form videos called web stories that are normally seen only in social media walled gardens, are growing in popularity and are expected to become the main format for providing content. 

For the Japanese market entry of Firework, DAC has been working with Firework on trial implementations since last year. Currently, Firework Japan has completed implementation for over 100 websites. DAC will analyze the metadata related to the huge volume of vertical-format, short-form stories that have been delivered to date to develop a diverse range of services.

“To support our full-fledged entry into the Japanese market, Firework has formed a business alliance with DAC, a company with extensive experience in online advertising in Asia and in working collaboratively with companies in the digital realm. We will work together to increase monetization opportunities in e-commerce, ads and other areas, and promote the digitalization of video content,” said Vincent Yang, Co-founder and CEO of Firework. 


PR Contacts

Firework: Steve Takizawa


D.A.Consortium Inc.(DAC): Corporate Strategy Group Public Relations



About Firework

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Firework is a B2B short video platform whose offerings allow any website or app to publish their own short video content, or leverage the Firework content library, increasing engagement and conversions while also giving them access to their own traffic data and the ability to monetize through ads. Firework’s mission is to empower the open web with tools that enable video engagement outside of the walled gardens of the social media giants. To date, the company has raised $55M and has offices in California, New York, London, Tokyo, Mumbai, and Moscow.

To learn more about Firework, visit

About D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC)

Since its establishment in 1996 during the early days of online advertising, DAC has been leading the industry in market formation and growth as it steadily expands its operations with the digital transformation of information and lifestyles. Currently, DAC operates advertising and marketing businesses centered on digital technology both in Japan and overseas. The company provides comprehensive support, from consulting and planning to ad space purchasing, selling, management and results analysis. With a firm understanding of the characteristics of different media, DAC also produces creatives, develops and provides solutions that bridge its wealth of data with advanced technologies, and supports global promotional initiatives. With its mission of “Empowering the digital future,” DAC will continue to be at the forefront in creating new forms of advertising and marketing and providing new value to society.

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