How To Embed Videos and Web Stories on Squarespace – Firework


Start Embedding your video

You’ve gathered all of your video content and now it’s time to embed your Web Stories onto your Squarespace website. Let’s get started! 

Step 1: Select Your Layout

After clicking the pink Embed Channel button you’ll see this screen and be prompted to select which layout you would like to embed on your website. For this example we will be embedding a carousel in the middle of our web page. 

Layout for Firework Web Stories

Step 2: Copy HTML Code

After selecting your layout you will see different options for embedding your code. Select HTML and then select the Copy Code button. For each layout you select you will need to copy a new code and repeat this process. 

Code options for embedding Web Stories

Step 3: Add a Code Block to Your Squarespace Web Page

Select where you would like to place your carousel, then press the + button and add a Code Block. 

Step 4: Paste Your Code From Step 2

Once you add your Code Block a text box will appear. Paste your code from Step 2, ensure the Display Source checkbox is unchecked and the upper right drop down box is set to HTML. Then, select Apply. 

Step 5: Success!

Congrats, you have successfully embedded your Web Stories onto your Squarespace web page!

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