Top 7 Benefits of Enabling Web Stories on Your Website


Web stories are a new type of content; we are all still learning how to make them and what works and doesn’t. We have this article to share tips and ideas about high-quality Web Story to help brands develop a sense of what makes a great web story.

A Visual Storytelling for the Open web!

Brands are globally adopting the trend of Web Story. It all started from browsing and reading content to infographics and finally, a more visually appealing form of content is growing its roots across the web. And why not? It loads quickly on full screens, is visually appealing, and offers an immersive experience to the readers. 

Use Firework Web Stories to create visually compelling narratives with captivating animations and tappable interactions quickly and easily. Everyone can test out the Web Story format, formerly AMP Stories, on their websites for free and as an open web standard. In addition, they can be shared and embedded all over the web without being restricted to a closed ecosystem or platform.

Furthermore, it offers content publishers a mobile-focused format for distributing news and information as visually stunning, tap-through stories.

Below are two excellent examples of brands winning by making ideal use of Firework vertical web story you can swipe through.


Brand Examples: How They Boosted Their Digital Performance:

1. Purple Panchi:

Their team used Firework Web Story to bring a new life to their static website to match the boldness of their brand. As a result, they experienced a whooping increase of 267% in Session Length and a 30% decrease in the Bounce Rate.

Firework Web stories for Purple Panchi

2. Heinz:

To promote their first-ever Halloween pop-up, Heinz collaborated with Firework. The event’s theme was having fun with costume creations using “tomato blood” ketchup. The campaign included a live stream event anchored on Heinz’s website and carefully timed media placements on publisher sites that directed viewers to the experience.


Click on Customer Stories and learn about more brands.


Are Web Stories worth the Hype?

From the examples above, it is evident that embedding Web Stories on your website will significantly boost your website traffic. Also, your target audience i.e., millennials and GenZ are on their phones all the time and are more loving visual content that is immersive and easy to follow. 

Web Stories also help in organically amplifying your brand exposure. Yes! This is one of the significant benefits. We will discuss web story’s benefits further in this article. 

Coming back, it’s an apt choice to boost organic traffic by focusing on your brand’s CTR – click-through rate. Because Google prioritizes organic traffic over paid traffic, a web story is thus worth trying.

Webmasters have achieved 15k+ new clicks to their site from just one google Story! But make sure you must have created an exclusive appealing web story that follows SEO best practices with creative designing skills.

So don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get your content seen!

Monetization Options: Single Page Story Ad!

With the help of immersive experiences, Web Story provides advertisers and publishers with various advertising opportunities to connect with a niche online audience.

Moreover, Web Story contains full-screen, single-page ads called Story Ads. With a single tap, advertisers and publishers can invite users to a website, an AMP page, or an app. A story advertisement has a wide-open canvas that can accommodate pictures, videos, animations, or any combination.

Google Ad Manager and DV360 (Beta) support story ads and more ad server support is on the way!

How to Interact with a Web Story?

When viewing a Web Story, you can swipe to move between pages, pause the story, or open a new one. 

Top 7 Benefits of Embedding Web Stories

1. Quickly Produce Visually Appealing and Engaging Content:

Web Story makes the technical process of producing stories as simple as possible.

2. Increase Your Creative Flexibility for Branding:

The Web Story format includes components for sharing and adding follow-up content and pre-built but adaptable layout templates.

3. Web Story is a Component of the Open Web:

It can be shared and embedded on various websites and applications without being restricted to a particular ecosystem.

4. Monitoring and Analyzing:

Supports analytics and bookend features for viral sharing and revenue generation.

5. Web Story has Lightning-fast Loading Times:

This keeps your audience entertained and engaged.

6. Immersive Storytelling:

Web Story is a fresh and contemporary way to connect with your readers.

7. Strong Advertising Support:

Web Story allows publishers to monetize their content through affiliate links and full-screen immersive story ads. Stories offer advertisers a new storytelling experience while also connecting with a niche audience.

You’ve gathered all of your short-video content and now it’s time to embed your Web Stories onto your WordPress website. Let’s get started! 

6 Steps To Embed Firework Web Story on your Website:

Step 1. Layout selection

After clicking the pink Embed Channel button, you’ll see this screen and be prompted to select which layout you would like to embed on your website. For this example, we will embed a Carousel in the middle of our web page. 

Layout for Firework Web Stories

Step 2. Copy code

After selecting your layout, you will see different options for embedding your code. Select HTML and afterward select the Copy Code button. For each additional embed on your website, you will need to copy a new code and repeat this process. 

Code options for embedding Web Stories

Step 3. On your WordPress page, add a Custom HTML Block

In the edit section of your web page select Add Block, scroll down through the blocks to the Widgets section and select Custom HTML.

Add a HTML box on Word Press

Step 4. Paste your code 

A blank HTML box will appear on your webpage. Drag it to your desired location using the 6 dots next to “HTML,” then paste into your code from Step 2.

Paste your Firework code into your WordPress HTML box


Step 5. Update and View 

In the upper right corner, you will see a blue update button. Select that to update the page and then view your updated page and watch your code transform into your video carousel. 

Update your WordPress page to see your Firework carousel

Step 6. Success

Congrats, you have successfully embedded your Web Story onto your WordPress website! 

Congrats, you have embedded your Web Stories onto your WordPress page

That’s a wrap-up! You can contact us or book a demo to learn about vertical web story implementation!

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