How To: Get Started With Firework Integration for WordPress


The Firework integration for WordPress is a simple process that makes it easy for brands, retailers, and publishers to get started by dedicating minimal time, effort, and resources.

Firework’s WordPress plugin allows you to integrate and deploy the Firework video feed, and manage your products, with zero coding required on your WordPress-powered site.

Firework’s native WooCommerce integration provides API endpoints for product and cart hydrations directly from WooCommerce.

Installing the Firework Plugin

1. Download the Web Stories by Firework plugin

2. Log in to your WordPress administrator panel

3. Go to Plugins, Add -> New -> Upload

4. Click on Choose File (Browse) and select the downloaded plugin ZIP file

5. Click the Install Now button

6. Click on Activate in order to activate the short video gallery*

* You will need to register an account with Firework, or log in to your Firework account, in order to access the videos.

Embedding the Firework Feed on Your Website

1. In the WordPress post where you would like to place the videos, select the + icon and choose the Firework Web Stories plugin.

2. Choose the embed layout and which playlist, channel, or video you would like to embed.

Import Products to Firework

Products must be imported to Firework before you can add them to the videos or to livestreams.

After you have successfully added the plugin, and connected to your Firework account, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Firework option from your WordPress admin menu bar

2. Select Stores in the Firework side-menu

3. Click on Products, followed by Import Products

4. You will see a list of all products, each with an Import option right next to it; import all the products required

5. Once you go back to the Products tab, all the products imported should be visible there

Additional, in-depth Firework integration for WordPress instructions are available in the developer docs.

Integration steps for getting started with Shopify, Magento, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud are also available for developers.

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