Live shopping event attracts 40,000 views in just one hour

Sunil Nair

The walled gardens of Instagram, Youtube, and Amazon Live yield less than a thousand attendees per livestream.  Influencers on walled garden live stream shopping events serve up content from a group of competitors all in the same category hoping to convert any viewers to a sale. If your brand takes part in a live stream in a walled garden, you commodify your brand and debase your product offering.

Brands should own their sales channels and control how their products are presented to their customers. There is a better way to do this using live stream shopping. Firework has created a way for brands to run their own live stream shopping events, on your own website. Firework Live Shoppable video.

True, authentic, live shoppable video allows the viewer to interact directly with the live stream. The host can ask viewers for feedback and questions in-stream, making an authentic connection. The breaking of the fourth wall wasn’t possible in the world of the Shopping Channel or QVC. A prerecorded experience in a live stream where there is no interaction with the chat leaves viewers feeling isolated and that they are not on a real live experience.

Live Stream event breaks records for Firework

This week, Firework India ran a highly successful Live Shopping Event with the theme of “Giving Thanks” on Over 40,000 total views were recorded over the hour of the live stream event. The team at Firework were delighted with the level of engagement from the 23,186 unique participants in the live stream.

During the hour of our first live stream event, Foram Pandya presented a total of thirty different products across fifteen brands that included:

Viewers stayed engaged during the live shopping event, with the hosts constantly engaging with the chat seeing 3,663 viewers giving instant feedback to the hosts of the event. Viewers were engaged and actively encouraging each other in the chat.

In-stream shopping is the future

Thirty products were introduced to viewers during the Firework Live Shopping Event on Viewers became consumers, seamlessly adding the product to their cart without ever leaving the live stream. Checkout rates were high, with purchase completion rates exceeding one-in-three. We believe numbers of unique customers on the Firework’s Live Shopping event exceeded that on several of Amazon’s Live Streams during Prime Day. Amazon has refused to release the numbers who were on their live stream events on Prime day.

We believe the future for brands is for them to control their own sales channels, provide an authentic brand experience and personally connect with their customers using Live Shoppable Video.

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