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The desktop and mobile websites for MailOnline and Metro now include vertical video suites powered by Firework. The fully-customizable video units will feature flexible placement based on the readership behaviour, supply, and breaking news across channels.

About Mail Metro Media

Mail Metro Media is the advertising arm of DMG Media, representing some of the UK’s most engaged media brands, including the MailOnline and

Along with the MailOnline website garnering over 8 million video views in the UK alone, Mail Metro Media also boasts a massive social footprint: 25+ million Facebook and Instagram followers, 15+ million Snapchat subscribers, and 4.5+ million TikTok followers.

About the partnership

Teaming up with Firework enables Mail Metro Media to become the first European news publisher to utilize vertical video infrastructure across their digital portfolios.

Adopting the vertical video format allows Mail Metro Media’s commercial teams to cross-promote, with made-for-social teasers and content. This enables brands to seamlessly integrate their own social, user-generated, and shoppable-commerce content into the breaking news carousels on MailOnline and

The commercial opportunities include single slide ads, bespoke video with brand integration and promotion, as well as complete carousel takeovers combining bespoke videos with interstitial ads.

Firework’s commitment to Mail Metro Media and its partners

“MailOnline and Metro represent the best in Firework’s vertical video deployment, both from an editorial and a commerce monetisation perspective. The video experience was built to drive high audience engagement and bring cutting-edge advertising opportunities to MailOnline’s and Metro’s partners. The key is to blend upper funnel entertainment, inspiration, and news with a consumer’s desire to frictionlessly make purchases when their interest is piqued. We could not be more excited about what the future of this partnership will bring to content consumers and shoppers alike.”

– Emily Brewer, VP Global Publishing for Firework

A word from Mail Metro Media

“As the leading publisher for engagement and attention-grabbing video, we are constantly seeking and developing new ways for our audiences to engage with us. We’re excited to now bring them even better video experiences from our experts on all subjects, whilst creating innovative new opportunities for our advertising partners – not just to promote their video assets, but to offer seamless shopping functionality from these assets, at the very heart of the news our audience loves to engage with every single day.”

Lauren Dick, Executive Director of Media & Data Services for Mail Metro Media

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