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In 2023, a staggering 87% of marketers in the food, beverage, and grocery industry agreed that video marketing had significantly boosted their brand’s sales (Wyzowl). However, in this rapid digital era, not all brands are tapping into the full capabilities of video commerce to effectively engage their customers and enrich their shopping experiences. Let’s delve into the realm of video commerce and investigate how it can be utilized by food, beverage, and grocery brands to prosper in this vibrant market.

The Impact of Video for Marketing Food, Beverage, and Grocery

Video commerce, an emerging trend rapidly gaining momentum, is set to revolutionize how food, beverage, and grocery brands connect with their customers, deliver product information, and foster authentic relationships. In this comprehensive guide, we will uncover the immense potential of video commerce in this specific industry.

Demystifying Video Commerce

Video commerce, already a phenomenon in some regions, involves using digital video content to promote and sell food, beverage, and grocery products online. It allows brands to provide consumers with a unique product experience that transcends traditional shopping methods. Video commerce encompasses various formats, including live and non-live videos, adaptable to diverse business objectives.

Live vs. Non-Live Video Shopping

Live video shopping happens in real-time, tapping into a growing audience of live viewers. The worldwide livestreaming ecommerce market is forecasted to surpass $247 billion by 2027. Live video shopping presents brands with the chance to interact with prospective customers directly, address their inquiries in real-time, and hasten the purchase decision-making process. Authenticity holds significant value in today’s market, and live video shopping enables brands to establish trust instantaneously.

Non-live video shopping , in contrast, involves prerecorded content. This method offers brands greater control over their shoppable videos, including production quality and the information conveyed. It provides customers with immediate shopping opportunities, making it an effective tool throughout the entire customer journey.

Benefits of Embracing Video Commerce

As technology continues to advance, so does video commerce, offering food, beverage, and grocery brands an array of tools, methods, and access to new audiences. Here are some compelling reasons why video commerce should be at the core of every brand’s ecommerce strategy:

Information Without Overload: Video commerce allows brands to provide extensive product information to prospective customers without overwhelming them. While text descriptions have their place, video provides engaging and accessible insights. Studies have shown that 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it.

Connection with Customers: In the digital age, the personal connection between customers and brands has eroded. Video commerce can reignite this connection by offering a platform for genuine engagement. 72% of consumers say that they are more likely to shop with a brand that they have connected with on a personal level.

Enhanced Customer Engagement and Experience: Video has long been known for driving engagement, especially among younger consumers who value authenticity. Video commerce empowers brands to capitalize on this preference. Studies have shown that videos can increase customer engagement by up to 80%.

Improved Browsing: Instead of static images or text descriptions, video commerce allows customers to witness products in action, gaining a deeper understanding of their features and benefits. This can lead to increased conversion rates of up to 30%.

Get Phygital: Merge the benefits of physical experiences with the digital realm by capturing the in-store ambiance through video, enriching customer connections and experiences. Studies have shown that 70% of consumers prefer to shop with brands that offer a seamless online-to-offline experience.

Types of Live E-commerce and Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos feature a brand’s products or services while enabling viewers to make real-time purchases as they watch the video. They streamline the shopping process and have been recognized by 83% of global brand marketers as highly effective in lead generation. Firework’s platform makes it easy for brands to create shoppable videos with just a few clicks.

Web Videos: Embed live video commerce content on your brand’s website to gain access to valuable first-party data about viewers and potential customers. Firework’s platform makes it easy to embed live videos on any website or social media platform.

Social Video Commerce: Enable users to make purchases directly through social media platforms, seamlessly integrating shopping with the live stream experience. Firework’s platform integrates with major social media platforms, making it easy for brands to host live video shopping

Live Influencer Video: Collaborate with influencers to access highly engaged audiences, expanding your brand’s reach and influence. Firework’s platform makes it easy to collaborate with influencers and manage your influencer campaigns.

Key Use Cases of Video Commerce in the Food, Beverage, and Grocery Industry

New Product Launch: Utilize video commerce to create excitement and anticipation around product launches. Host live shopping events to showcase new products and generate buzz among potential customers.

Product Tutorials: Educate customers with video tutorials on how to use your food, beverage, or grocery products effectively, enhancing their understanding and satisfaction.

Humanizing Digital Storefronts: Connect with customers on a personal level by using livestream videos to provide real-time answers, personalized advice, and recommendations.

Community Building: Foster a community of food enthusiasts, sharing recipes and tips through live Q&A sessions, cooking demonstrations, and encouraging customers to share their culinary experiences.

Shoppable Ads on the Open Web: Expand your reach by using video ads to target potential customers across the open web, driving sales through easily accessible calls-to-action.

Video Commerce Best Practices

  • To maximize the impact of video commerce, consider these best practices:
  • Create high-quality, engaging, and informative videos with clear messaging and good production values.
  • Incorporate links, calls-to-action, and instant checkout capabilities to make your videos shoppable.
  • Establish a schedule for livestream shopping videos to align with customer behaviors and industry events.
  • Leverage store associates or knowledgeable experts as livestream hosts for a more authentic connection with customers.
  • Simulcast live videos on social media to expand your reach and drive traffic to your website.
  • Optimize videos for search with relevant keywords and tags.
  • Continuously analyze video performance data to refine your video commerce strategy.
  • Mistakes to Avoid in Video Commerce for Food, Beverage, and Grocery Brands
  • Avoid creating low-quality or poorly-produced videos, as they can negatively impact your brand’s image.
  • Keep videos concise and focused; avoid making them overly long or complicated.
  • Promote and amplify the reach of your videos to ensure they are seen by your target audience.
  • Utilize first-party customer data obtained from video content to improve your strategy.
  • Embrace creativity and experimentation to find innovative ways to showcase and sell your products.

Unlocking the Benefits of Firework 

Firework, an advanced video commerce platform, provides multiple benefits to marketing food, beverage, and grocery brands. Below, we explore how Firework can significantly impact this industry:

Effortless Shoppable Videos Creation: Firework’s user-friendly platform simplifies the creation of shoppable videos, requiring just a few clicks. This streamlines the shopping process for customers and, in turn, boosts conversion rates.

Seamless Video Embedding: Firework empowers brands to effortlessly embed live videos across various websites and social media platforms. This grants brands access to invaluable first-party data about viewers and potential customers, aiding in refining marketing strategies.

Integration with Social Media: Firework seamlessly integrates with major social media platforms, enabling brands to host live video shopping events. This widens their reach, generates excitement surrounding their products, and enhances customer engagement.

Enhanced Video Features: Firework’s platform offers a plethora of features designed to help brands create engaging and informative videos. These include generative AI for video content, creative services, and personalized video chat. These features facilitate deeper connections with customers, fostering trust and loyalty.

Firework’s video commerce platform is designed to cater to the requirements of the food, beverage, and grocery sector. It equips brands with the resources to engage with their target audience, accelerate sales, and foster enduring relationships with customers. If you’re contemplating integrating video commerce into your business approach, Firework is an outstanding option to consider. Book a demo now!

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