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To say that video content marketing has rapidly evolved over the past few years will be a massive understatement. In 2023, video marketing trends will pivot to focus on content that not only attracts but actually converts.

With the following video marketing trends, brands will truly unleash the power of video content this year.

1. Live Video Will Be the Undisputed King

Livestreaming received a massive boost in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Video consumption was already on the rise before 2020, but once the lockdowns hit, live videos began to witness a surge.

According to a survey by GWI and DataReportal, 1 in 4 people admitted that they used social media platforms to view livestreams. That is more than the number of people using social platforms to follow celebrities and influencers or even post about their own lives!

Brands have come to realize what influencers did a few years ago – livestream videos are the bee’s knees when it comes to engagement.

It’s no wonder then that marketers have put live videos on the top of their must-have lists for 2023. Live videos do a great job of not only attracting and engaging an audience but can also be extremely useful as a conversion tool when deployed correctly.

Mattel’s American Girl really leaned into live video with their 2022 Girl of the Year announcement livestream, generating an impressive 25% engagement rate.

The livestream was hosted on the American Girl website, and simulcast across social and partner websites – the key to generating very high views.

2. User-Generated Content is More Important than Ever

While brands will continue to generate their usual video content, user-generated content (UGC) will emerge to be just as important – if not more in some sectors like beauty and personal care.

The modern-day user is looking for video content that is more authentic. And this is where UGC truly shines, and why it will be one of the hottest video marketing trends going forward.

The real-world, relatable nature of UGC is a key reason why it heavily influences purchase decisions.

Great UGC is able to funnel the viewer from discovery to purchase within the length of a short video. For example, Joyride Harness leveraged Firework’s shoppable video platform to showcase brief customer reviews of its products.


user generated content will be one of 2023's hottest video marketing trends

3. Diversity in Brand-Generated Content

Just because they’re pushing user-generated content does not mean brands will ignore what they can do to make their in-house produced content pool better. In 2023, marketers will push to reshape their video content strategies to appeal to a new audience, i.e. Gen Z.

As a result, video marketing content from brands will no longer involve straight-up selling.

Offering value to the consumer will become the pivotal point around which video marketing strategies will be built.

The resultant diversification of content will see brand videos focusing more on things like product explainers, product demos, topical and seasonal content, as well as anything and everything that their target customer might find engaging.

Supermarket chain The Fresh Market has always done a great job staying ahead of video marketing trends. While others play catch-up, The Fresh Market has already established a wide portfolio of engaging and informative video content across their website.

Video marketing trends for The Fresh Market

4. Simplified Video Production

Gone are the days when brand videos would have to look like mini-Hollywood productions. Gen Z is less trusting of flashy, highly produced video content. In fact, any video marketing trends from the past that kill authenticity will be shown the door in 2023.

Producing video content these days, even high-quality ones, requires nothing more than a smartphone and some very basic equipment.

All content for social – including videos – is done on smartphones anyways; it’s just a matter of scaling it for video commerce purposes. This simplified production approach allows brands to automate processes and create videos at scale, catering to the preferences of the Gen Z audience.

2022 was, without a doubt, the year of the vertical video. The simplified production video marketing trend is, in many ways, merely a continuation of it. Of all the video marketing trends we will see in 2023, this one will help marketers the most when it comes to creating videos at scale.

Firework’s brand partners have been leveraging Creation Cloud (powered by AI editing) to create engaging vertical videos quickly and within brand guidelines.


5. Shoppable Videos Will Become Even More Commonplace

In 2023, marketers will have the mandate to deliver customers with a true “phygital” experience. And this will involve leveraging the brand website and other digital properties too.

With video content already working its magic to attract and engage consumers, why not use it to convert as well?

With shoppable videos, every video on the website acts as an extension of the brand’s digital storefront.

While video on social media platforms remains great for discovery, video on the brand’s website is where the selling should be happening. This is why shoppable videos will be broadly deployed by brands across their websites this year.

Shoppable videos for athletic wear

Brands using Firework’s shoppable video solutions have been integrating the Instant Checkout solution that ensures users can purchase products and services from within the video itself.

6. Subtitles and Captioning for Greater Accessibility

Over the past few years, the way content is consumed has changed a lot. Accessibility, in particular, has become more than just a buzzword when it comes to video content.

Subtitles and auto-captioning have been commonplace on various video platforms for a long time now. Even on platforms like social media, where captions are not generated automatically, creators have figured out ways to make their content more accessible.

Video marketing content too will see subtitles and auto-captions integrated more in 2023.

In fact, this video marketing trend goes beyond accessibility – content with subtitles is more engaging and what users now expect on all forms of video content.

Shoppable videos with accessibility features like subtitles


7. Exploring Videos for AR and VR

Of all the hot video marketing trends for 2023, this one might be the only one that’s a bit of a long shot. However, even though marketing for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is still in the nascent stages, the fact is that marketers will still be heavily invested in exploring these avenues.

After all, AR and VR technologies are becoming more commonly accessible. And it’s never too soon for brands to start planning about introducing video into the mix.

If leveraged properly, video marketing efforts in the AR and VR realms can deliver the ultimate omnichannel experience.

At the very least, it will give the whole notion of “try it before you buy it” a whole new meaning.

The Wrap-Up

Marketers will be turning their video marketing strategy efforts all the way up to 11 in 2023.

Some of these trends – like live video, shoppable videos, and UGC – have been explored by brands in the past. But this is the year these video marketing trends will be adopted at scale, and will be absolutely everywhere.

It is therefore paramount that your business has the right video marketing solutions partner it can rely on. A partner like Firework, a pioneering and leading company that has helped brands around the world incorporate and grow their video marketing and commerce efforts.

Ready to elevate your online retail experience? Schedule a demo now and unlock Firework’s shoppable video capabilities to transform your site!



What are some of the key video marketing trends to look out for in 2023?

Some of the key video marketing trends for 2023 include the use of interactive and shoppable video content, the growth of user-generated content as a powerful marketing tool, and the rise of simplified video production at scale, amongst others.


How can businesses leverage these trends to improve their video marketing strategies?

Businesses can leverage these trends by creating more engaging and personalized video content, incorporating interactive and shoppable features, and experimenting with new formats and platforms to reach their target audience.


What are some of the challenges businesses may face when implementing these video marketing trends?

Challenges may include the need for new technologies and tools, the development of specialized skills and expertise, and the need for ongoing testing and experimentation to optimize video marketing campaigns.


What are some other video marketing trends that businesses should keep an eye on in the coming years?

Other video marketing trends to watch out for in the coming years include the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize and optimize video content, and the integration of video into customer service and support channels.

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