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The world of online commerce is shifting, and authentic video content is emerging as a critical factor for successful consumer engagement. 

This article will discuss three key points: (1) the growing preference for authentic video content, (2) how authenticity in video reflects real-world consumption patterns, and (3) the importance of genuine, relatable, and unscripted video content for today’s brands. Brands must adapt their video production techniques to embrace authenticity and ensure their messaging resonates with modern consumers.

The growing preference for authentic video content

The shift towards authenticity in video content is not only a departure from previous approaches that favored polished and staged productions, but it is also a response to the changing preferences of modern consumers. Millennials and Generation Z have grown up with social product sharing, influencer product placements, and unboxing videos. They have come to prefer genuine content over what they perceive as “soulless” advertising.

While polished video assets have their place in the wider media plan, brands can no longer rely on more than traditional, overproduced videos to engage these younger consumers. Especially on their owned sites, they must embrace authentic content to build trust and maintain their reputation. Incorporating user-generated content, showcasing real people and experiences, and focusing on authenticity in their video content will help brands establish a deeper connection with their target audience.

Video commerce presents an opportunity for brands to take ownership of the conversation, ensuring their message is accurate and consistent with their brand values. Featuring founders, employees, and recognizable spokespeople in their video content can create a sense of trust, protect their brand’s reputation, and provide customers with the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.

Authenticity in video reflects real-world consumption patterns

Online video consumption has been on the rise, with the current average viewer spending 17 hours a week watching digital videos in 2023. Today’s consumers expect authentic videos that mimic the real-world styles of TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Brands must adapt to this change and meet consumers on the platforms and mediums they find most familiar and comfortable.

Livestreaming video content is also becoming increasingly popular as a mode for product discovery and conversion. Today’s generations prefer authentic people sharing their candid thoughts directly with their audience, which makes live-streamed content an ideal platform for brands to engage with their consumers.

Industry experts agree that seeing a product in use or hearing personal stories from other consumers significantly influences the purchasing decisions of Millennials and Generation Z. Brands must prioritize authentic video content that allows consumers to experience the product more realistically, connecting with the audience through relatable, unscripted stories.

The importance of genuine, relatable, and unscripted video content

Consumers are drawn to video content that feels genuine and relatable, as it helps them connect with brands on a deeper level. By incorporating user-generated content, showcasing real people, and sharing unscripted stories, brands can create authentic video content that resonates with their target audience. To put this in perspective, 80% of Gen Z purchases are influenced by social media.

Emphasizing the need to have shoppable videos on a brand’s website is crucial to truly drive sales. Brands that prioritize authenticity in their video content are more likely to engage and retain customers in the long term. Shoppable videos can help brands stand out in a crowded market, as customers are likelier to purchase products from a brand they trust and feel connected to.

Adapting video production techniques to incorporate authentic content will not only help brands connect with consumers, but it will also enable them to stay ahead of the curve as the landscape of video content continues to evolve. By embracing authenticity in their shoppable videos, brands can ensure their messaging remains relevant, engaging, and effective for today’s modern consumers.

Authenticity is clearly the new best practice of video commerce

The landscape of video content is changing, with authenticity emerging as the key ingredient for successful shoppable videos. Brands need to understand and adapt to the preferences of modern consumers, specifically Millennials and Generation Z, by focusing on creating authentic, relatable, and unscripted video content.

By embracing this shift towards authenticity, brands can better engage with their audience, build trust, and ultimately drive sales. Brands must prioritize authentic video content in their marketing strategies and adapt their production techniques to stay relevant and successful in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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