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Once derided for being a blot in the art of video making, vertical videos are now ruling the roost. In this article, you will learn what vertical content is and how it transforms online engagement. Moreover, you will also learn how to use vertical content for your business.

The lovechild of social media and mobile internet, Snapchat could single-handedly be given the courtesy of popularizing creative vertical videos. But, thanks to the likes of Firework, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, their popularity has only grown. 

Vertical videos have emerged as one of the most potent video marketing tools of recent times. 

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of where vertical videos stand today, what implications these can have for your business, and what are the top trends defining the scope of work in portrait-style video making.  

Are Vertical Videos Still a Thing?

Yes, very much so. Vertical videos are the next big thing on the block. Video consumption continues to increase by a whopping 100% yearly and 75% of all video content is consumed on mobile phones. On top of that, 92% of mobile video content consumers share what they see with others, making portrait videos invincible tools of communication. 

The fact that sets vertical video content apart from other types of video formats (square or horizontal) is its innate capability to engage users. Videos shot in a 9:16 aspect ratio garner 13.8x more visibility on most platforms. Such videos provide 90 times more visibility than non-video or square/horizontal video posts. 

As far as video marketing tactics are concerned, vertical videos are undoubtedly the way forward.  

Should You be Using a Vertical Video Strategy?

If you want the best for your brand by cashing in on video content, then it’s a big yes. Whether you’re a small business owner or someone who runs a website, vertical videos can turn the traffic around for you. 

Here are our reasons: 

  1. Most mobile and social media users are bombarded with video and other forms of content, day in, and day out. This leads to information overload. Your customers will only choose videos that really pique their interest. Vertical videos are different, convenient, and engaging in that regard. 
  2. Creating a short-form vertical video has finally shed its outsider status and emerged as a part of mainstream video content. 
  3. There are over 1 billion mobile internet users worldwide. Creative vertical videos are a great way of penetrating new markets and new demographics of prospective customers. 
  4. Today’s users do not bother flipping their phones and 94% use their mobiles in an upright position. Vertical videos that fill their screen to the brim are great for attracting the fickle and movement-agnostic viewer. 
  5. Vertical videos offer great visibility, and therefore are formidable when it comes to building brand awareness. 
  6. 3 out of 5 web videos are watched on mobile phones. So, the importance of customizing your marketing content for mobile platforms is paramount. Since vertical videos perfectly fit the 9:16 aspect ratio of most phones, they’re one of your best options to get your message across to your audience. 

Creative Vertical Video Trends

If you’re a brand or business looking to make the most of internet video marketing, make sure you jump on the bandwagon. We promise you; the conversions will blow your mind. 

In this section, we will give you an insight into the top vertical video trends of the time. Remember, each has its pros. Consider both formats, choose the one best suited to your marketing needs and get sailing on your vertical content journey. 

You can also try out a combination of both. Most businesses find that useful. 

The Story Format 

Who isn’t familiar with the social media story format? First introduced by mobile social media applications, stories quickly took over as the primary video content as more consumers began to shift to their phones for daily use. 

As far as creative vertical video trends, story formats pretty much take the cake. While the need may have been born out of more practical reasons, such as fitting the format of the most used browsing devices, it’s hard to deny the new direction video content has started to go.

The idea for story format may have begun on social media, but it’s now found its way into everyday use. As more and more web users continue to browse with their phones, Firework has brought the story format to the web. So, even if your brand hasn’t hopped on the social media trend, we recommend using creative vertical videos for your products with Firework.

Interactive vertical videos

Vertical videos that encourage audience participation, such as polling or swiping, are becoming increasingly popular and can have a significant impact on engagement. These videos are only a few seconds long but are effective in delivering a message quickly and leaving a lasting impression on viewers. They’re ideal for social media platforms with time limitations, such as Instagram Stories.

The Livestream 

The latest video shopping trend is known as livestreaming. As the name suggests, livestreaming is filmed in real time and gives your audience an authentic look into your product, brand, or even team.

Since livestreaming is typically shot and consumed on phones, it only makes sense that this creative approach to video content is filmed vertically.

Livestreaming video content is a highly effective marketing tool, especially when it comes to engagement. It allows you to engage with your audience in real time, forge deep-rooted relationships, and even improve conversions and sells for your business by answering questions or providing reviews.

Firework has brought livestreaming capabilities, typically leveraged by social media platforms, right to your website. Rather than spending your time building and engaging an audience on someone else’s platform, you can now maintain full creative liberties.

Get Creative with Firework’s Vertical Videos

Today’s consumers spend up to 21 minutes every day surfing Instagram stories alone! Imagine how engrossed they will be if they find similar creative vertical videos on your website. 

Firework’s unique web story CMS provides bespoke vertical video marketing solutions for your brand’s website.

Vertical videos provide a sense of intimacy that organically lures in your customers. 

Introduce an element of emotional connection with powerful web stories that not only keep your customers hooked but make them come back for more. 

Choose from a range of free to paid and even custom monthly pricing plans. Find what fits your budget and video marketing requirements the best.

Add a bit of fun, drama, and uniqueness to your website by adding web stories to your brand page. Explore a gamut of creative options with Firework – a vertical video platform, and up your ante with the social media star of the moment – the vertical video! 

Vertical videos are here to stay until the next wave of swashbuckling digital devices make their way into our lives. Why not use the magic of vertical storytelling until then?

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