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We are excited and humbled to announce that Firework has earned a prestigious spot as an honoree in Fast Company’s Next Big Things In Tech awards. This recognition celebrates our role in pioneering technologies poised to redefine industries and improve the relationship between brands and their customers. The award comes after a period of fierce innovation here at Firework, including several groundbreaking advancements in digital engagement and e-commerce.

The Fast Company Next Big Things In Tech award spotlights innovative technological efforts, from new products and services to research that shapes the future of various industries. Fast Company’s recognition underscores our company’s commitment to creating solutions with a lasting, positive impact in the tech world. This accolade highlights the significant strides Firework has made in redefining the digital commerce landscape through its innovative solutions.

Our co-founder and CEO, Vincent Yang, reflected on the award, stating, “This award is a reflection of Firework’s vision to meld the digital with the physical, transforming the way people shop and interact online.” This recognition by Fast Company affirms Firework’s position as a leader in the fusion of digital and physical retail experiences.

The award highlights some of our recent innovations:

  • Shoppable Video-Live Commerce Retail Media Network with The Fresh Market: This partnership aims to improve customer experience and unlock new revenue streams. It’s a significant step in evolving retail media networks from static displays to dynamic, video-driven experiences.
  • First-of-its-kind Generative AI Shopping Solution: This innovative technology extends the engagement capabilities of live digital showroom events. Customers can interact with video content in real-time, even after a livestream, enhancing the shopping experience and extending the value of digital content.
  • One-to-One Video Shopping Platform: This e-commerce solution expands the personalization and connectivity of in-store buying into the digital sphere. It’s a revolutionary method that combines the personal touch of in-store encounters with the ease of online purchase.

Jerry Luk, co-founder and President, emphasized the importance of these solutions: “Our suite of innovations represents more than just advancements—it represents a seismic shift in how consumers connect with brands.” This suite of technological solutions is reshaping the retail media landscape and transforming digital customer engagement. Luk’s statement underscores Firework’s role in leading the digital transformation in retail, setting new standards for customer engagement and interaction.

In a digital era that values personalized and interactive shopping experiences, our suite of video commerce innovations is leading the way toward a future where online shopping parallels the intimacy of an in-store visit. But our work doesn’t stop here. In the coming months, we plan to release additional AI-enabled solutions, further revolutionizing online engagement. These big, upcoming innovations will further cement Firework’s position as a leader in the digital commerce space.

We would like to thank our amazing team and fantastic customers for helping us reach this pinnacle! This recognition by Fast Company not only marks a significant achievement for us but also underscores the transformative potential of video commerce in the global market. Firework continues to push the frontiers of e-commerce and online engagement, striving to create a seamless blend of digital and physical commerce experiences. The Fast Company Next Big Things in Tech award is a testament to our innovative spirit and its ongoing commitment to revolutionizing the way people shop and interact online.

There’s so much more to come! 

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