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Creating a product video is one marketing trend that you simply cannot afford to ignore. Don’t believe us, just listen to what the research has to say.

The top marketers understand that consumers would rather watch a video than read a block of text. In fact, the visual aid provided by video will help your viewers retain nearly 95% of your video’s message compared to the same message in text format.

If making product videos aren’t part of your marketing strategy, then it’s time to get back to the drawing board. Here’s everything you need to know about getting started with product video marketing.

What is a Product Video?

In marketing, product videos are a powerful selling tool that highlight, demonstrate, and even promote the product being sold. The idea behind product videos is to create a lasting impression that resonates with your target audience on an emotional level through strategic imagery and audio.

Product videos engage your audience in a way that product photos and descriptions just aren’t able to. Now, that doesn’t mean product videos are a one size fits all. Creating visually appealing video content is one thing, but it’s also important to take into account where exactly your customer is in their buying journey. While these videos can end up taking a lot of time and money to produce, here’s why we believe they’re worth the investment.

Why Product Videos are Worth the Effort

When most people hear the term product video, they envision large scale productions that are likely way out of their budget. It’s true, product videos can cost anywhere up to $50,000, but they don’t have to. With new video platforms, like Firework, creating a product video can cost you little to know money to shoot and host directly on your website.

That being said, the content you create is still a direct representation of both your brand and your product. So the video you produce should reflect your brand’s story and voice in a way that engages your target audience.

There’s no denying the impact a video of your product in action can have on your customers. More importantly, there’s enough data at this point that shows how video increases customer engagement and sales. Even if you look at it from just a business standpoint, product videos will always be worth the investment.

Types of Product Videos

Product videos aren’t just a one size fits all. Yes, every piece of content you produce should have certain elements in common (such as your brand’s voice and aesthetics). However, there are different approaches to product video creation that all serve different purposes.

Let’s dive into the 3 main categories of product videos that you’ll want to consider.

1. Product Story Videos

Today, product story videos have become immensely popular among brands and businesses trying to separate themselves from their competitors. By leveraging your product’s story, you’ll effectively be able to illustrate how your product will positively impact your customers in their daily lives.

Additionally, these videos are versatile in the sense that they can be used to target customers through every stage of their buyer’s journey. Which is especially important when you’re marketing a product that people aren’t yet familiar with.

With product story videos, the goal may not always be to sell or convert. While they certainly can achieve those outcomes, they’re also ideal for creating brand awareness around your product and creating an emotional connection with your ideal customer.

2. Demonstration and Explanation

Demonstration product videos may not be as versatile as their story counterparts, but can be incredibly effective at helping get your customer across the goal line. Here’s what we mean.

For people not familiar with your product, targeting them with demonstration videos can result in little to no engagement. As exciting and entertaining as you believe your demonstration or explanation video to be, they still require a lot more effort to watch. 

With that in mind, demonstration videos are the perfect fit for a customer who is aware of their current problem, and wants to dive a bit deeper into how your product works as a solution. By demonstrating your product effectively, you might just be able to convince your audience it’s the solution they’ve been looking for.

3. Customer Reviews

There’s a term in the marketing world known as social proof. Essentially, social proof refers to the concept of people being influenced to copy the actions of the masses. It’s why we’ve seen brand’s invest heavily in influence marketing, and why companies like Yelp have become so successful.

It makes sense for a customer to be skeptical about a product if the only information being offered is claims made by the brand or business itself. Consumers have become more savvy, and privy to the marketing tactics used by most businesses. 

Instead, consumers have begun to rely on each other to get the real scoop on whether a product is worth purchasing. They’ll do their research, and try to find what people are saying. Which is where customer review videos for your product come in handy.

If you have a great product, then you’re bound to have consumer advocates. In other words, customers who have purchased your product and are willing to sing its praises to the masses. However, be careful not to make these videos sound scripted. The more genuine the better.

Producing Videos with Firework

If you’ve kept up with marketing trends over the last decade, you already know the power of short video content. Social media has turned the marketing world upside down by helping reduce the attention span of consumers. 

Now you may ask, how to create product videos?

Well, instead of relying on social media, Firework is bringing the story video format to your website. Our customers have already seen short product videos increase on-page engagement metrics and, more importantly, increase sales.

By having shoppable videos directly on your website, you can showcase your product in a completely new light. Highlight important features, provide an unparalleled user experience, and lift your product off the screen and bring it to life.

See for yourself. Click on our get started button, and post your first video today.


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