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Video has become the go-to format of choice for content consumption, especially for Gen Z. Saying that Gen Z spends a lot of time watching videos on their phones would be an understatement.

According to research by the LA Times, the average person representing Gen Z will spend 7.2 hours per day watching videos. And 48% of it will be video content produced by creators.

This preference for video has also seeped into the way Gen Z shops, influencing and driving purchase decisions in a way no other format can match. Shoppable videos allow brands to use videos to turn consumer intent into actual sales.

Creating the ideal shoppable video that converts is much easier than you’d think. We breakdown and analyze a shoppable video from one of the best at it: Angela Caglia.

What Does the Perfect Shoppable Video Look Like?

Before doing a shoppable video breakdown, it is important to understand what the perfect shoppable video looks like and identify the key elements that power true shoppertainment.

1. The content, not the CTA, should be at the core of the shoppable video. Storytelling should take precedence over selling.

2. Focus should stay on informing and delighting consumers. Leave out any fluff that does not contribute meaningfully, or obscures the learning and inspiration process.

3. The length of the video matters greatly. Keeping it short – no more than 30 to 45 seconds – is key since attention spans are lower than ever before.

4. Viewers should have no problems identifying the product or service being featured.

5. Use callouts and CTAs that inspire purchase, but don’t make them the primary focus.

6. The actual shopping experience should be easy. The fewer the steps, the easier the shopping experience, and therefore the higher the probability of conversion.

The Shoppable Video Breakdown

For this shoppable video breakdown, we take a look at one of the shoppable videos on the Angela Caglia website. The video in question not only covers the six important points mentioned above, but actually helps convert viewers into customers.

The Brand

Celebrity esthetician and spa owner Angela Caglia has her own line of skincare products, formulated using only the best ingredients and leveraging the philosophy of less is more – something that applies to shoppable videos too.

The Shoppable Video

The Breakdown

Let’s take an in-depth look at why this shoppable video gets the job done:

1. Informative

Angela Caglia uses shoppable videos to add value to the on-site customer experience. For example, in this video she provides useful, seasonal advice that consumers will find useful, and is not just a product pitch.

wintercare tips content

2. Showcasing Relevant Products

Keeping consumers informed is always a good thing, but providing them with the right solutions is even better. This shoppable video backs Angela Caglia’s advice with the tools needed to put the advice into action.

related products in shoppable video

3. The Human Connection

One of the greatest advantages of having shoppable videos on a website or app is leveraging it to help build the human connection between brands and consumers. And Angela Caglia does this brilliantly by putting herself, the founder, front-and-center!

angela caglia at the forefront of her shoppable videos

4. The Perfect Length

Angela Caglia keeps this shoppable video short, concise and under 30 seconds. This is right in the Goldilocks zone when it comes to short video length – offers plenty of time for consumers to make an informed purchase, but not so long that viewer attention is lost.

5. No Product Overload

There are two products featured in this video, which is ideal. A single short, shoppable video should not have any more than 1-2 products max, or you risk overloading the user with too much information.

maximum 2 products featured

6. Keeping it Simple

Any shoppable video breakdown on Angela Caglia’s website reveals a hidden truth – they all follow the necessary rules for creating an amazing short vertical video. The emphasis is always on the quality of content instead of over-the-top production that looks like advertising.

7. Instant Checkout Solution

This shoppable video lets customers checkout products from within the video player, which is an absolute gamechanger. This helps cut down any additional steps between purchase decision and actual purchase, making sure that every shoppable video is truly the digital storefront that it’s meant to be.

in-video checkout solution

The Wrap Up

Shoppable videos are more than just an additional storefront. Going forward, they will become the primary way in which consumers interact with and shop on brand websites. This shoppable video breakdown highlights how short, vertical videos can do wonders for driving engagement and sales.

Looking for more examples to inspire you? Here’s our list of some other brands that are doing shoppable videos right.

Want to streamline shoppable video creation and achieve scale without sacrificing convenience or quality? Firework’s Creation Cloud might just be the vertical video creation and editing tool you’re looking for.



What is a shoppable video?

A shoppable video is a type of video that includes clickable links or buttons within the video itself, allowing viewers to purchase products or learn more about them while watching.


How does a shoppable video work?

In a shoppable video, clickable hotspots or product links are embedded in the video player. When a viewer clicks on a hotspot or link, they are taken to a product page where they can make a purchase or can purchase the product right while viewing the video though the video’s instant checkout capability.


How effective are shoppable videos in driving sales?

Shoppable videos can be very effective in driving sales, as they allow viewers to seamlessly move from viewing a product to purchasing it without leaving the video.


Why are shoppable videos effective for e-commerce?

Shoppable videos are effective for e-commerce because they create a seamless shopping experience for viewers, allowing them to make purchases with just a few clicks. They also offer an engaging way to showcase products and can help increase conversions.


What are some best practices for creating shoppable videos?

Some best practices for creating shoppable videos include keeping the video short and to-the-point, making the products the focal point of the video, and using clear calls-to-action to encourage viewers to take action.


How can brands incorporate shoppable videos into their marketing strategies?

Brands can incorporate shoppable videos into their marketing strategies by partnering with video commerce solution providers like Firework to create video content that showcases their products in action and includes links or buttons that allow viewers to purchase the products while watching.

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