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“Omnichannel.” It’s a buzzword that resonates widely in the world of commerce. However, for many auto dealership brands, mastering the art of making omnichannel automotive marketing strategies work efficiently can be quite a challenge. Statistics reveal that a significant 73% of customers navigate through multiple channels during their car-buying journey. It’s only logical that auto brands aspire not just to have a presence on several channels but to be omnipresent.

Yet, the challenge lies in the coordination and content creation required to keep these channels engaging and consistent. The question arises: How can auto dealerships enhance their omnichannel presence and offer customers an engaging live shopping experience that truly stands out? The answer can be distilled into one word: Video.

Understanding the Omnichannel Experience

You’ve probably witnessed scenarios where a potential car buyer first stumbles upon a vehicle model on their social media feed, only to later visit the dealership’s website to explore further. This exemplifies the power of omnichannel marketing.

The omnichannel automotive marketing approach to automotive retail takes an integrated stance, aiming to reach the target audience across the various channels they frequent. The essence of this approach lies in extending beyond a single channel and ensuring your vehicles are visible and accessible to potential customers throughout their car-buying journey.

Omnichannel vs. Multichannel

To truly appreciate the benefits of an omnichannel approach, it’s crucial to differentiate between multichannel and omnichannel experiences. While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they possess distinct meanings. Multichannel signifies having a presence on multiple channels, whereas omnichannel means not only being present on various channels but also maintaining a consistent and coherent message across all of them. The clear advantage of the omnichannel approach is that, regardless of the channel customers choose for their car-shopping journey, your dealership’s brand and messaging remain consistent.

The Role of Video in Elevating the Omnichannel Experience for Auto Dealerships

Boosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Videos feature prominently in 62% of Google’s global searches. This underscores the critical role of video in optimizing your content for search engines. However, it’s essential to recognize that Google isn’t the sole search engine commanding significant traffic anymore. Video-exclusive platforms like YouTube and TikTok have evolved into their own search engines, particularly appealing to younger generations seeking quick answers through short-form videos. Neglecting video content can lead your brand to overlook these burgeoning platforms and an audience that prioritizes video-first search.

Enhancing Conversions

 Multiple studies affirm the substantial conversion benefits of incorporating video into your omnichannel strategy. Companies employing video enjoy a 27% higher click-through rate compared to those that don’t. Furthermore, they experience a 34% higher web conversion rate. Facebook, a crucial channel for many businesses, favors video with a 135% higher average organic reach than photos. Moreover, 46% of consumers admit to taking some form of action after watching a branded social media video. These statistics emphasize the pivotal role video plays in driving conversions.

Improving the Online Experience

 Video holds an edge over text-based descriptions and static images when it comes to conveying the nuances of a product. While detailed product descriptions and high-quality images are essential, many consumers make purchasing decisions based on what they see and experience through videos. Videos effectively capture viewers’ attention and provide a more comprehensive and contextual understanding of vehicles, making customers more likely to be satisfied with their choices once they make a purchase online.

Elevating the Phygital Experience

 It’s surprising how frequently customers engage in some form of a “phygital” shopping experience, blending physical and digital interactions. Integrating video into your omnichannel strategy caters to in-person shoppers by providing high-quality video content that keeps them excited about the car-buying experience. Consider experimenting with various video styles such as in-showroom QR codes and live streaming to connect with an even broader online audience.

Five Strategies to Integrate Video into Your Omnichannel Experience for Auto Dealerships

Engage Prospective Customers with Video

Capturing the attention of potential car buyers can be most effectively achieved through video content. Video encapsulates your dealership’s brand better than any other format. Use it to introduce your dealership, convey authenticity, offer informative insights, demonstrate vehicle features, and provide clear guidance on how to further engage with your brand.

Integrate Video into the Automotive Marketing Funnel

A crucial aspect of video integration involves understanding where videos fit within your marketing strategy. Additionally, you should recognize which stages of the customer’s car-buying journey respond best to various video formats. It’s important to remember that every audience and industry has unique characteristics, so a one-size-fits-all approach won’t suffice. To gain insights into this, focus on collecting first-party data. Hosting videos on your dealership’s website grants access to valuable customer viewership data, distinct from third-party data on social media. Once you’ve gathered substantial first-party data and comprehended which stages of the funnel are suited to different video formats, you can segment it as follows:

  • Top-funnel: Employ short-form videos.
  • Mid-funnel: Utilize influencer-led live streams.
  • Bottom-funnel: Craft video tutorials showcasing vehicle features and benefits.

Showcase Vehicle Value

Many customers in the mid- and bottom-funnel stages seek education and assistance in understanding the value of the vehicles they’re considering. Video presents a unique opportunity to educate customers about a vehicle’s worth in a format that resonates most with them. Consider creating informative videos such as tutorials, Q&A sessions, and influencer reviews to highlight the value of your vehicle offerings.

Facilitate Engagement Opportunities

A standalone video is valuable, but providing opportunities for further interaction with your dealership is equally critical. The goal is to minimize the cognitive load on customers, guiding them seamlessly through the car-buying journey. Interactive videos enable you to embed in-video options for viewers to explore further. These options might include links to schedule test drives, learn more about financing options, or watch additional videos showcasing various models.

Personalization Matters

Modern car shoppers, particularly Generation Z customers, are highly discerning when it comes to marketing efforts. They yearn for authenticity in their car-buying experiences. One way to make customers feel special is through personalized video content. Leveraging first-party customer data, you can utilize a shoppable video platform to serve content tailored to different audience segments based on their viewership data. Moreover, you can personalize calls-to-action (CTAs) according to how viewers have interacted with your video content.

Harnessing Firework for Your Auto Dealership’s Omnichannel Success

If an omnichannel strategy is your chosen path to reach car buyers wherever they are, it’s imperative to arm yourself with the most compelling content. If you’re ready to seamlessly integrate video into your omnichannel approach, consider engaging with the experts at Firework. Their expertise can help your auto dealership leverage the power of video to connect with potential customers, enhance brand presence, and drive sales. Embrace the future of auto dealership marketing with Firework and ensure that you’re at the forefront of this transformative journey.

Firework also offers the following benefits to auto dealerships:

  • Increased brand awareness: Firework can help auto dealerships increase their brand awareness by reaching a wider audience with their video content.
  • Improved customer engagement: Firework’s interactive video features can help auto dealerships improve customer engagement.
  • Higher conversion rates: Firework’s shoppable video platform makes it easy for customers to purchase vehicles directly from the videos they’re watching.
  • Increased sales: Firework’s video marketing platform has helped auto dealerships achieve significant increases in sales.

Firework is a powerful video marketing platform that can help auto dealerships achieve their omnichannel goals. If you’re looking for a way to increase brand awareness, improve customer engagement, and drive sales, Firework is the perfect solution for you.

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